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James Allen
Teacher, game reviewer
Teacher, game reviewer

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Winds of Trade Gameplay Review
I'm playing Winds of Trade , a maritime trading simulation by Hermes Interactive . The game features randomly generated maps that add to replay value. Adjustable difficulty settings change the frequency of pirate attacks, and varied victory conditions are a...

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BRUT@L Gameplay Review
I'm playing BRUT@L , a roguelike role-playing game by Stormcloud Games and Rising Star Games . Taking its inspiration from old-school ASCII-based dungeon crawlers, BRUT@L features both single-player and cooperative modes of play in its procedurally generate...

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Sovereignty: Crown of Kings Gameplay Review
I'm playing Sovereignty: Crown of Kings , a turn-based fantasy strategy game by The Lordz Games Studio and Slitherine . The game takes place on a single map where a realm and objectives (a storyline for that particular realm, or a conquest mode) are selecte...

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Eador: Imperium Gameplay Review
I'm playing Eador: Imperium , a role-playing turn-based fantasy strategy game by Snowbird Games . This game improves little over Eador: Masters of the Broken World: just a new campaign and a couple of new units. Randomized maps give replay value, though mul...

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Minos Strategos Gameplay Review
I'm playing Minos Strategos , a turn-based strategy game by BrainGoodGames . Utilizing a rank system that steadily increases difficulty with each victory, the objective is to capture locations before the enemy does. Each turn, one soldier can be moved or a ...

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Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach Gameplay Review
I'm playing Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach , a turn-based strategy game by Straylight Entertainment and Slitherine . Utilizing the Battle Academy engine, the game has two campaigns that pit the Space Wolves versus the Orks, consisting of a series of skirmi...

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Stars in Shadow Gameplay Review
I'm playing Stars in Shadow , a turn-based 4X space strategy game by Ashdar Games and Iceberg Interactive . The game features reasonable varied factions and randomized maps supporting up to 12 players. The mechanics are standard for a 4X game: explore new s...

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Urban Empire Gameplay Review
I'm playing Urban Empire , a city management and political strategy game by Reborn Interactive and Kalypso Media . In the campaign mode, you’ll lead a mayoral family from 1820 until (hopefully) 2020. Although the general mechanics play out the same each tim...

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Siegecraft Commander Gameplay Review
I'm playing Siegecraft Commander , an action strategy game by Blowfish Studios . Two campaigns provide the single-player content: exhausting missions with numerous enemies in opposite directions that spread forces too thin. Multiplayer on five maps is avail...

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Little Kingdom 2 Gameplay Review
I'm playing Little Kingdom 2 , a real-time strategy game by Andreil Game . The game features a campaign mode with unbalanced scenarios (many hostile factions), a robust skirmish mode with random maps supporting up to twenty-seven players, and four-player lo...
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