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Recording this weekend. Hit us with some feedback!

The guys are recording this weekend. Plus a special guest. Get yer questions in.

The guys are recording this weekend, and we’ve got another guest host this episode. Should be fun! Hit us up with feedback. Or not. 

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+Jonathan Nadeau is an awesome guy who's given a ton to the community. If you have a few bones to spare, give a bit back?!
Most of you know that i'm blind and that I lost my sight in a car accident at the age of 14. But you might not know that at the age of 15 my father passsed away and then at the age of 18 my mother had passed away due to cancer. So in four years I lost my sight and both parents. Like everyone I've had trials and tribulations to go through. I'm working on the most important project of my life. I'm writing a book of the things I've gone through in my life and I've started a Indiegogo campaign. The book is called Vision: How a blind guy gained his vision by losing his sight. Now I've already hit the goal I set out for but i really need to raise about 10x the goal. I can use all of your help to get this project completed. Please visit the campaign and take part however you can. Here is the link. 

We're recording tonight, so get any questions/thoughts in. 

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Alright folks, we're recording this week. If you have any questions or comments, speak now. 

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Drying some peppers for my own crushed red pepper flakes. I forgot to skip step three. Thanks +Jezra​

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