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Business Breakthrough Coach in love with helping you create your Precious Business and Life -
Business Breakthrough Coach in love with helping you create your Precious Business and Life -

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For you who are business leader waiting to explode. Extraordinary Business event, October 11th. New York City. The Art of Harmony and Success in Business:
This 1 - day, business training event is for entrepreneurs who are leaders who want to get to multiple 6 figures and beyond! Business & Executive Coach, Jeanne Omlor will lead you through everything you need for higher success in your business in the most harmonious way possible, including the number 1 secret to leveraging your time and effort to create the maximum profits possible.. and much more.
And I have a special discount code for you that brings the whole day down to only $77, including the networking event.
Here it is: GOOGLE
Would love to spend the day with you and seats are going fast so take action now!

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 If you have been following my Ultimate Business Breakthrough summit these last two weeks, you will have received incredible value with my interviews with top business experts such as Kimra Luna, Derek Rydall, Brandon Pearce, Dr. Paul G. Stolz and so many more!

And whether you signed up for the summit or not, today I have a special presentation for you which will be a solo presentation by myself, Jeanne Omlor! Here it is!

I will be sharing: 5 Productivity Steps to Make this Year Happen

How To Plan your WHOLE year
The thing that makes your productivity soar
How to get clear and maximum productivity 

And I have 3 FREE gifts for you on the summit page as well as an irresistible offer. Head on over to see my presentation and nab all of of this value right here!

And join in the Facebook community where we are actively discussing the info shared with you in the summit AND MORE. Come on over and join us here! This group will continue after the summit as a resource to help each other and give value moving forward. Here's the link to that:

Again here is my special presentation: Here it is!

Please just email me at if you have any questions. 

With much love and to your Success,


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Have you been taking advantage of the free Ultimate Business Breakthrough Telesummit? Still a few days left (you can also review the prior interviews) and tons of free goodies being given away! sign up here:

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Read my latest post:3 Things you NEED for Business Breakthrough 

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Hi Everyone! 

I will be at CoInvent Pulse TOMORROW which is a business & technology festival that takes place in NYC tomorrow, Nov 9th, 2015. This event will feature 150 exhibitors and an array of business workshops. It's estimated to be one of the largest technology gatherings with thousands of attendees. Our mission is to help founders, startups, and entrepreneurs grow and thrive in the New York tech and startup ecosystem.

General admission and all workshops are free. Please RSVP for workshops at

I will be moderating the 1PM panel on Disruptive Tech! 

You can find me at Booth 3. Hope to see you there!

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Jeanne Omlor commented on a post on Blogger.
I love the way you provide value by hacking so much here. So many experts give tedious and inefficient advice about list building but this stuff works. Thanks for being you!

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Jeanne Omlor commented on a post on Blogger.
I completely agree with all of this James! I would outsource brushing my teeth if it would save me time! When I got a house cleaner in once a week, it not only cleared time, but mind space thinking about it. And because I live in New York City, I DO have someone pick up and deliver the laundry! Another huge time-life-space clearer. It's not just time that we are clearing, it's the even thinking about it aspect. It's like clearing clouds out of our heads and making way for new things or just sitting an being without having to be "busy" every moment. 

Lose this to succeed... read my latest post to find out what! #success
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