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Nyx Blood Hunter

Can a mod accept my request to join on my +Nyx Blood Hunter

There really should be a rule of crediting the artist.

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So last febuary of 2017 i was locked out of my phone and made a new account.

Im staying on the other account so if you want to follow me here:
Nyx Blood Hunter
Nyx Blood Hunter
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Name: Celestial Trench 

Age: 25

Gender: Male 

Race: Nightwing/Seawing

Good Traits: 
Wise,Lovable,Curious,Playful, Adventurous,Esthetic, Passionate, and Loyal.

Bad Traits: Prideful at times, Very Angry when it comes to mocking anyone he cares for, Chatty at times.

Tribe:  Nightwings 

Allies: Queen Glory ,Jade Runner 

Affiliation: Queen Glory 

Breathing Underwater 
Night vision 
Decent swimmer

Cannot breathe fire.
Only arm bands can glow.
Cannot speak seawing language.

Home/Current Location: 
Cave within the rainforest.

Kingdom: Rainforest Kingdom

Night Gale (Mother)

Love Interest: 

His Song:

Voice by:

Trench was born a song dragonet to two loving parents by the sea,he spent his childhood living in a cave by the sea for most of his young life, rarely ever leaving. He didn't have much to do other than reading, so one night he sat At the end he of the cave  he gazed out every night to see the stars them at mirrored his wings. At the age of 10 he set out to explore the lands he always read about in the scrolls his parents brought to him. First he went to the  kingdom of the sea but was immediately rejected for his nightly origins, this did not stop him from exploring the rest of Pyhria. He spent 6 years exploring the lands and collected so much information. He soon returned home to tell his parents all of the wondrous things he saw but to his dismay that were dead, torn limb from limb. No words came from his mouth, only the pain wretched cries of a broken hearted drake. For hours he cried, thinking he was alone but he wasn't, four large Sandwings popped up from the shadows binding his wings,legs, mouth, and tail. He he was taken for days traveling to who knows where, it began to feel hot and dry, two things he hated. Days went by and he was dragged to a large strong hold in the dessert, "Could it be Burn's strong hold?" He thought. He began panicking, he heard what Burn did to unique creatures and he did not want to see if those rumors were true. But before he could wiggle away a large talon grabbed his tail, he turned to see the evil twinkling eyes of burn herself, she was covered in scars and black diamonds. "Now where do you think you're going to new pet? How rude of you to leave when you were so kindly brought here into my home." Trench said nothing,he just stood in fear. "Not even a thank you? Humph, take him to his "room"." Burn said And so they did. His "room was nothing more than a dank hole,deep beneath a tower. For the next 7 years were spent in that hole, only occasionally seeing the sun and getting scraps of rotting meat and leftovers. The day came of his freedom when a sandy-yellow female SandWing with brown speckles along her wings and back opened the door,it wasn't his caretakers nor burn. 
"W-who are you, might I ask.?" he asked. 
In turn she responded, "I am Thorn, former leader of the out claws and newly crowned Queen of the Sandwings.Who might you be?" 

He told her his story from the beginning and she in turn told him what had happened. She felt bad for him and decided to throw him a huge feast, and so he ate and ate fully for the first time in a long time. He slept peacefully for days,then left for the rainforest to settle down. He pledged allegiance and loyalty to Queen Glory and in turn was given a cave for himself, by the sea.

Other Facts:
Despite his time in the dark he he still sang his song.
He loves to sing.
He spends most of his time writing songs.
When he sings his bands on his legs light up to the beat.
He he loves stargazing.

Base by Triplanets on da

I did edit it a bit.
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