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Blood is thicker than your lover...

I love you not your family.

He who does not act to disrupt evil is within reflection to the evil deed being carried out and in turn shadowed by it for life.

Learn Spanish, make money, disappear in a third world country. #Goals

Beware of those who appear as though they are listening for they may only pay just close enough attention to appear that they are.

All dogs are my best friend.

Dumbledore is the reason why Harry's parents died.

If you have a "black ice" car air freshener in your automobile, then you may in fact be a tool/douchebag. #ChinStrapsBeardsAreAPlus

When someone is smart and attractive so your blood doesn't know which head to go to...😍😍😍✊🍌👾😂

FYI *Blood curdles in coffee. #Protip
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