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Control fueling costs, simplify fleet management

E.G. Smith partners with Rhoads Energy to offer the Rhoads Energy Voyager Card. This fleet fueling card gives you the ideal tool for overseeing fleet fueling. Best of all, it’s free – and it comes with high-quality customer support from a trusted local company. Highlights:

Save money
The Voyager card helps you control your fleet fueling costs because it prevents abuse and reduces unauthorized purchases. You set the parameters for every card, including purchase limits.

Simplified management
With the Voyager card, you have all the information you need at your fingertips: consolidated usage information, Web-based account access, the ability to create and save reports online, and other tools.

One card, nationwide access
With the Rhoads Energy Voyager Card, your drivers have the flexibility to gas up at more than 160,000+ locations across the U.S.— including the four Pacific Pride fueling sites operated by Rhoads Energy.
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Save money, save time

If your business operates a vehicle fleet, you know how important it is to control fuel costs. E.G. Smith partners with Rhoads Energy and Pacific Pride to offer critical advantages to fleet fueling managers and drivers:

Local service, national reach
Fleet fuelers who use Pacific Pride will get local service and support. At the same time, Pacific Pride offers a network of more than 1,300 fueling stations across North America.

Strategic locations
Rhoads Energy, an E.G. Smith partner, operates four fully automated Pacific Pride locations in Central Pennsylvania that offer 24/7 year-round fleet fueling service, quick access, cardholder-only fueling, and a variety of fuel grades.

Greater control
Pacific Pride helps you control fleet fueling costs because you get complete information for every purchase: who, what, when and where.
Multiple payment options Pacific Pride stations accept a range of fleet fueling cards including Voyager, Comdata, Fleet One, T-Chek, Wright Express, and TCH.
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Reliable service, competitive pricing

Many agricultural and commercial customers rely on propane. They also rely on E.G. Smith because we offer:

Reliability and value
Our team combines fast, safe delivery with competitively priced propane. Need automatic fill service? We’ll handle it for you.

Customers can either purchase or lease tanks with no money down.

With E.G. Smith, the choice is yours.

Quality Our  team has decades of experience in the installation of commercial propane equipment. Annual continuing education enables our technicians to focus on quality and safety when we maintain your propane system.

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Solutions for commercial customers

Through our partner company, Rhoads Energy, E.G. Smith provides commercial natural gas users with an important alternative to the big utilities. Here’s why:

Local provider, local service
E.G. Smith enables commercial customers of UGI or PECO to get a competitive estimate on natural gas rates — same natural gas, same delivery lines, different rates. And, while natural gas rates fluctuate, we are often able to offer lower and more stable rates to commercial users.

Seeking solutions together
Our long-term business strategy: help customers solve problems. We operate as an advocate for the customer, helping to identify energy cost savings — even if that occasionally means directing a customer to another energy option.

Equipment expertise
Our team has installed and serviced hundreds of natural gas systems in all settings, including commercial applications. We also specialize in converting oil heat systems to natural gas, when that makes the most sense for a commercial customer.

You know your technician
Our customers enjoy top-notch service from certified technicians – highly skilled workers employed and backed by E.G. Smith, not subcontractors who may be from outside our area.

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Customer rewards up to $500

At E.G. Smith, we value loyalty. In fact, we think our long-time customers deserve a reward. That’s why we created a Loyalty Program that pays you when you stick with us:

Get paid every year
For every year you spend more than $400 with our company, we’ll give you $50 toward the purchase of new home comfort equipment.

Save $500
The longer you stay, the more you earn – up to a maximum of $500 off an installation for a customer who stays with E.G. Smith for 10 years.
Use it on any installation Loyalty Program dollars can be used toward the following:

Oil-Fired Furnace/Boiler: up to $250
Gas Furnace/Boiler: up to $250
Heat Pump: up to $250
Central A/C System: up to $250

Automatic enrollment If you’re a customer, you’re already signed up. Sit back, relax, and rack up the bucks.

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Stretch out your payments for oil and propane

Oil heat and propane customers who take advantage of our Budget Plan can lower monthly payments by spreading out costs through the year. Qualified oil heat and propane customers who enroll for automatic delivery can gain the advantages of our Budget Plan:

Monthly installments  
We’ll stretch your winter heating oil and propane costs across 11 equal monthly payments, so you know exactly how much your monthly bills will be.

No payment upon delivery
A single delivery costs hundreds of dollars. With our Budget Plan, you avoid a large heating oil or propane invoice that’s due immediately.

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Our full-replacement guarantee

When E.G. Smith installs your new equipment, you get access to Comfort for Life, our one-of-a-kind replacement guarantee that covers heat pumps, air conditioners, oil heat, natural gas and propane equipment. Once your initial warranty period expires, simply enroll in our Comfort Plan or Premier Plan, and you’ll automatically get these benefits:

Replacement for life
We guarantee your heating oil furnace or boiler for life — no expiration dates, no exclusions. If we install an oil heat system and it fails, we will replace your system at no cost.

Extended coverage
We guarantee air conditioning systems and heat pumps for 15 years – the expected life of the equipment, and well past the standard warranty. Again, if we install an AC or heat pump system and it fails, we’ll replace your system at no cost.

Total coverage
When we say “full replacement,” we mean it: all costs for parts and labor are covered if you need a new system covered by Comfort for Life.

Annual maintenance  
By remaining enrolled in an annual service program, you’ll ensure your system operates at peak efficiency, pay nothing for covered repairs, and avoid outages.

Transferable to a new owner  
Need to move? Here’s a great selling point: you can transfer Comfort for Life to the buyer of your home.

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Proactive prevention of tank failure

When your heating oil tank springs a leak, it’s too late to prevent damage to your home – and the cost of a tank replacement. That’s why E.G. Smith offers TankSure® – a program that uses new technology to identify problems and prevent corrosion for a low annual fee. Here’s how it works:

During the annual service on your oil heat system, our technician measures the precise thickness of your tank with a specially designed ultrasonic device. These ultrasound readings allow us to identify a deteriorating tank before it becomes a hazard.

If your tank passes the initial ultrasonic test, you’ll get a TankSure® warranty for up to $1,700 if your tank requires replacement in the future.

Every year you remain in the program, E.G. Smith will perform the ultrasound inspection of your tank during your annual service.

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Take control of your price for oil

E.G. Smith created two price protection plans that put you in control of the price you pay for heating oil. Both plans are available to customers who receive automatic delivery. With these plans, you get flexible options that enable you to manage your heating costs —before winter hits:

Capped Price Plan
With this program, you’ll never pay more than the capped price-per-gallon for heating oil. If retail rates rise above the cap price, you still pay the cap rate. If retail rates fall below the cap rate, you pay the lower price. The Capped Price Plan carries an enrollment fee.

Pre-Buy Plan
This program locks in your price per gallon at a fixed price for a predetermined number of gallons that you select and pay for before the heating season. The Pre-Buy Plan carries no enrollment fee.

Fast, simple enrollment
You can sign up for either plan in minutes by logging in via MyEGSmith. Once you’ve logged in, you can choose the price protection that works best for you. You can also make secure on-line payments, view usage and service history, and check your account balance.

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Here are a few things you can do at EG Smith Portal
* View product delivery and service history
* Make online payments
* Sign up for Protection to lock in your fuel price
* View, print and save transaction history
Click here to sign up:
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