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buongiornooo :-))
What's Love Got to do With It by Tina Turner [Lyrics]:

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With investment fees still in the news, you need to pay attention to how much financial advisers are charging you. In many cases, it’s too much. How can tell if you’re being overcharged? First, ask yourself these three questions.

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Here's Why We Stopped Dreaming Big

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains it so clearly. Although it is about America's space program, it applies to humanity in general. We all need to look forward to "making tomorrow come."

We don't waste money on #NASA , instead, we invest in it. As a result, we reap the econonomic benefits of the technology it generates. #NASA  is an investment in the future; and as we slash the budget, we are slashing our future, and impoverishring future generations to come. 

Write congress and the White House at  and urge them to stop slashing NASA budgets. (2013 NASA budget has just been released, and it has basically been gutted.)

 NASA was historically and continues to be what makes America great. It's had a fundamental part in helping develop such technologies as batteries that charge more quickly, satellite television, UV coating on sunglasses, hybrid vehicles, virtual reality, prosethetic limbs, high pressure systems which can suppress fires in seconds, dialysis machines, contributions to MRI and CT scan research, and digital image processing leading to more detailed versions of human organs.

The reason why NASA makes this so much more affordable for small businesses to pursue research can perhaps best be summarized by the statement of John Elmes, 

“It’s hard for small businesses to pursue work like this that could have a major economic benefit down the road but is currently risky and difficult. NASA provides... a big benefit.”

—John Elmes, ApECOR

#ScienceSunday   #neildegrassetyson   #NASA   #Science   #technology   #Space   #Exploration   #ScienceEveryday

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The end is when?

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Just A Drop Of Water In Front Of A Map.

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