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We are experts in removing & disposing harmful materials ensuring very less exposure to black mold that can cause allergic reactions.

Fearing that illegal substances have been grown in a house you are buying? Our Grow-op removal service is perfect for you.

Sometimes, carpentry and reconstruction services when done by unskilled can lead to more damages and therefore bigger expenses.

One of the toughest clean-up jobs is the Crime and trauma scenes. This must only be handled by experts

Prolonged exposure to molds and asbestos fibers in the air can lead to serious sickness like lung cancer and Mesothelioma disease.

Pre-demolition engineering survey is required to determine possibility of structural collapse and building stability @UrbanEnvironmental.

Properties exposed to hazardous materials must be cleaned and restored to its original state quickly for everyone’s safety.

Being extra thorough and making sure each job is completed in full is a big part of the service-plus equation for our #restoration company.

You can make yourself aware of issues that will raise red flags when thinking of buying a home. We do reliable grow-op testing in Vancouver.

With #vermiculite removal, it’s so important to thoroughly remove any and all contaminant material from the site. We do, every time.
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