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Tony Cooper
Author, Game Designer, Drinker of Tea
Author, Game Designer, Drinker of Tea

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BLOG: Patreon page launched!

I have gone and launched my Patreon Page! If you sponsor me monthly for as little as $1, you get exclusive updates and a monthly Q&A session. For $3, you get ALL my past and future work in digital format. And from $5 a month upwards, you start to get…

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BLOG: I'm going to launch a Patreon page

Hello peeps, Well, sadly, I wasn’t able to go to BristolCon this year as I took ill with “that cold that’s been going round”, which was a bit of a shame as it’s a great event. But hopefully I should be back to normal in time for MCM Birmingham on the…

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BLOG: Self publishing: where do you go?

!LONG POST WARNING! :D If you’re just starting out in self-publishing, it can be a bit daunting nowadays with so many places to sell your work. It used to be simple: Amazon or nothing. In fact, before Amazon, it was ‘post your manuscript or comic pages to…

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BLOG: Hire me on Fiverr!

That’s right, I am now signed up to one of the largest paid service websites as an artist! Ever looked at my art and thought to yourself “I fancy a bit of that!“, then your wish has become true. Pop along to my ‘gig’ and have a look – I can draw anything…

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BLOG: "This month, I have been mostly making nails from thumbs!"

Hello again, I promise you that subject line isn’t quite as grim as it sounds! I’ve been a bit quiet the last few weeks, but that’s because I’ve been trying to cram a lot in and finish some tasks off. So, what have I been up to? Here’s a handy list:…

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BLOG: The Murder Club - read on for details of my latest project

Oh yes, it looks like I didn’t learn anything at all from spending 6 months making a 24-page colour comic, so I am now making a 100+ page black and white graphic novel as well! The Murder Club (official website) stars two seventeen-year-olds, who decide…

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BLOG: Upcoming appearances

Hello there – just a quick update to let you know I’ve added another appearance for 2016. The current slate is the International Comic Expo (ICE) in Birmingham on the 10th September, followed by BristolCon on 29th October, and I’ve just added the MCM…

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BLOG: My comic is finally released on ComiXology

It’s finally happened, my comic book is released on ComiXology! Follow these links below to have a look: ComiXology UK | ComiXology US Why is this a big deal? Well, ComiXology is the biggest digital comics platform online (it’s owned by Amazon), so if you…

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BLOG: On making comics - AKA - why am I doing this to myself again?

Yes, I am making another comic. I know, after the last one didn’t take up six months of my life …Continue reading →

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BLOG: My comic is reviewed in Comic Heroes magazine! #makingcomics #comics

Hello there, Just a small update to tell you that my indie comic Powerless: Some Kind of Hero has been reviewed in the latest issue of Comic Heroes magazine! Click on the review image below to have a read. It’s reviewed in the ‘State of Independents’…
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