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The transmission on my 2010 Nissan Maxima keeps needing to be replaced. My husband and I purchased this vehicle brand new in April 2010 and purchased a 2010 Altima in August of the same year. Prior to that we had a 1998 Maxima and a 2003 Altima. We are long time Nissan owners and have grown accustomed to the reliability of the Nissan Brand. In 2014, the Maxima stopped running and when we took it to the dealership where we purchased and have it serviced, we were told that the transmission had died and needed to be replaced. We were quite concerned how a well maintained 4 year old vehicle would need a transmission already since it was only at 93K miles. However, this transmission was covered under our warranty so the work was completed. Approximately one week ago (4/24/2016) my husband noticed the vehicle hesitating and not shifting properly, we got it into the dealership (4/26/16) only to be told that the transmission was dying and needed to be replaced again! We had the transmission replaced in July 2014 and now here we are less than 2 years later and we need another transmission????? How is this even possible? I immediately contacted Nissan Customer Service and spoke with Eunise (457780)on 4/27/16 and she said that she would escalate my claim and that I'd be contacted within 24 hours. I received a call from Megan (615-725-7406) today (4/28/16)and she said that Nissan would only cover $2000 of the costs to replace the transmission. I was not quite satisfied with that answer since the total bill is $4000. We are long time Nissan customers and we keep our vehicles well maintained at the purchasing dealership. We spend countless amounts of money maintaining these vehicles to ensure they run smoothly. Since nothing has changed in our driving styles or even our environment, I decided to see if others were having the same issues with this model year vehicle and to my surprise, this transmission issue is a KNOWN fact! If Nissans knows they are having issues with this particular transmission then why is this not a recall? Why are they not taking care of their customers satisfactorily? To make matters worse, this is the SECOND transmission and it only lasted 41K miles! This is absurd to say the least. At this time, our vehicle is still at the dealership awaiting our decision to repair it. I am not satisfied with the 2K credit for this repair. I should not have to deal with this as this transmission should have lasted. Because this is a known issue and we are long time Nissan customer and we keep our vehicles properly maintained, we feel that Nissan should repair this vehicle at no cost to us.
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