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Yeesh, some of these are just nasty.

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This is a brilliant and handy guide that I have every intention of using.
You guys asked for a tutorial on how I travel so cheap. Well, this one is just for you.

(Please comment here on the album instead of the individual pages because of a weird glitch in photo-commenting)
How to travel anywhere on $20 a day (17 photos)
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Just a little something to help get through today.

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I'll be blunt. Dudes gay. No doubt about it whatsoever.

There's a point where it stops just being political name calling or teasing and just becomes an obvious truth. Michelle Bachmann is a beard.

I want google to come out with a google+ app for iPhone now!

I don't feel convenienced enough.

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Listen, if you haven't been following AV Club Undercover you've been missing out on some of your favorite songs or bands completely out of their element.

Wise up and check it out.
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