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Beloit College Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology, Teaching and Learning, Edtech.
Instructional Technology, Teaching and Learning, Edtech.

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Some Levity via ACOMIK
This is something that I found that points out a common frustration. The conclusion: Save early, save often. From:

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UPDATE: Accessible PDF session notes
The post containing notes from the Accessible PDF sessions has been refined and updated to include a better workflow for making PDFs accessible, notes about having a PDF read aloud , and working with PDF scans from books in which two book pages exist on one...

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Adobe Acrobat Pro: Working with Book Scans
Many times a PDF document is scanned from a book, placing two book pages onto a single page in the PDF document (example below). While this saves time in the scanning process, it can produce some difficulties for those accessing the document from a screen r...

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Adobe Acrobat Pro/Reader: Read Documents Aloud
It is possible to have Adobe Acrobat Pro or the free version, Adobe Reader, read documents aloud to you. This is a great tool for those who learn best by hearing. Listen and reading can also help with comprehension. The only requirement to be able to do thi...

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"Creating Accessible PDFs" Session Summary
Thursday December 8th, representatives from the Library, IT, and the LEADS offices presented a session about creating accessible PDF documents. Topics covered scanning tips and working with Adobe Acrobat Pro. This was followed by a question and answer perio...

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Create Accessible PDFs Session
Representatives from the Library, IT, and the LEADS offices will present a demonstration of how to create accessible PDF documents. Topics covered will include scanning tips, and working with Adobe Acrobat Pro. This will be followed by a question and answer...

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Scheduling Meetings: Choice Eliminator Google Forms Plugin
I happened on this plugin for Google Forms that will eliminate a choice once it has been chosen and submitted in a form. This has the potential to streamline scheduling office hours or other meetings. I am sure that there are other applications as well. The...

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UPDATE: Free Transcription (Speech to Text) Tool
We have updated the post about using Google Voice Typing in Google Docs for transcription to include a note about accessibility. Google Docs is not the most accessible tool. it is possible however to download any Google Doc as a Microsoft Word document. To ...

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ITEC Workshop: Google Classroom
ITEC presented a workshop about Google Classroom ("Classroom") September 6 and 8. Thank you to all who attended. From Google, " Google Classroom is a blended learning platform for schools that aim to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments i...

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Styli Recommendations
If you are considering taking notes digitally, then the following list may be helpful. While the article is titled as "tablet styli," most, if not all, should work on any capacitive-touch enabled device. Five Best Tablet Styli - Lifehacker Image used under ...
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