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Chess Emotions Run High
At the beginning of the month I wrote a post Award Winning Chess Photos ,
about the 2017 Photo Contest ( The photos below are from the same contest.

I've cropped out the museum label, which started, Sports;
2nd prize stories


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Sports Illustrated 'On the Cover'
On top of learning More About Thomas Emery ,
in that previous post I discovered that an influential American sports magazine was a source for in-depth feature articles about chess. Here's a long article from Sports Illustrated about the first Armed Forces c...

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Early Women's World Champions
The blog post originally scheduled for today has been postponed due to extreme heat. As a filler post, but fully deserving in its own right, here are photos of the first six Women's World Champions. Top row: Vera Menchik,
Ludmila Rudenko,
Elisaveta Bykova (...

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More About Thomas Emery
While working on a recent post, Thomas Emery ,
I was disappointed that I found so little non-chess web material about the man. I continued to look and found details about his family in a book,
'Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati' by Wendy Hart Beckm...

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Site Stats and Images
In a recent post, Site Stats and Adsense ,
I used the server log on my personal domain to look at the relative popularity of my web pages.

Similar techniques can be used for images. I did this a few years ago in Photos of February (March 2015):- One thing ...

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The Chess Remedy?
Ever since I started this series on 'The Sociology of Chess', it seems that whenever I work up a short list for Video Friday (last seen in Kasparov Talks at Google ),
there's at least one clip that delves into some aspect related to sociology. This latest o...

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'The Essence and the Rules of Chess'
Seen on Facebook: From time to time, I receive requests for chess coaching... ( From time to time, I receive requests for chess coaching. Let me be clear: while I somehow keep dealing with chess for several personal reasons, ...

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Kasparov Talks at Google
The short list for this edition of Video Friday was eventually further shortened to two Kasparov clips. The first was a MasterClass trailer. If you have a Facebook account and if you have ever shown any interest in chess, you have probably been presented th...

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Fischer and <I>Chess Review</I> 'On the Cover'
Earlier this month, in June 1967 'On the Cover' ,
I asked the question Chess Review: how many times through the years was Fischer featured? This led to two posts where I didn't answer the question... Young Bobby's First 'On the Cover' ,
and Young Bobby in C...

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World Championship, Oslo 2018
From :- 2017-06-09: Carlsen can’t defend his title at home 'Norway’s World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen was disappointed when he was told, right after tying another match at the Norway Chess tournament now underway in Stavanger, that he wo...
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