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Introduction to the Basics of Herbalism
Hello, today considering this is my first post on this blog I thought I would explain the more basic ideas and concepts of herbalism. The Connections Between Man and Earth Herbalism it a way of connecting with nature in a way that was long ago forgotten. Th...

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Basic Tools Used in Herbal Medicine.
One of the most important things to an herbalist would be their tool set. Now most people think that you need a truck load of expensive and unusual tools to practice herbal medicine. When in fact, it is quite the contrary. An herbalist’s tools are basic and...

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Common Sense vs. Paranoia in Herbalism
As strange as it might seem to some, herbal medicine can be a rather terrifying adventure. One look at the big picture and instantly a little voice in your head starts asking questions like “Are you sure?” or “What if your wrong?”. These little questions ca...

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Herbalists Gone By: Mr. Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654)
Mr. Nicholas Culpeper was a herbalist born is 1616 in Isfield, Sussex. His father and maternal grand-father were ministers. Upon the death of his father he was taken into the care of his maternal grandparents, His grand-father ensured he was educated in Lat...

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The Blossom of Spring.
Spring has sprung, being in the sun again is welcome after this past winter. My herb garden was drastically reduced by the sub-zero temps but will soon be on the rebound. We planted 9 elderberry tree's today, I am looking forward to watching them grow. I wi...

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