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Dear world of Google experts,

Dan has recently replaced his MacBook Pro with a Chrome Book. The transition has been smooth but one (big) thing is remaining. Photos. Dan had used iPhoto on the mac for photo management sharing and editing.

Using the Google+ app makes posting photos you snap with your phone easy to post - but how should someone who's living Chromebook + phone only manage, tag, geocode and share all the photos they take from both their phone and still camera? We'll need a solution for both moving his current iPhoto library (while hopefully maintaining album structure at least) and also collecting photos taken on his phone and digital camera (his Chromebook has an SD slot).

Note that any solution would require compatibility with RAW files, must not re-size images, should not do any form of auto-enhance and must not require any monthly or yearly cost. (a reasonable 1-time cost is acceptable if reasonable)

Who'd like to educate me?


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I get a notification from g+ every time a photo is automatically uploaded. Is there a way to suppress the notifications without turning auto upload off?

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To my fellow Mac friends: WriteRoom is on sale for $2 and I highly recommend it:

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Preordered two iPhone 4s 16gb (one black one white) from sprint. Should arrive Friday. Let's hope we don't end up regretting a two year commitment to sprint!

No mention of the iphone on! I almost forgot how stupid they are.

Looks like ill be ordering an iphone4s on friday. Probably sprint, and probably 16gb
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