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Jo Anderson
Pursuing a legacy worth leaving
Pursuing a legacy worth leaving

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We always hear a lot about children honoring their parents, but it goes both ways.

"I believe that each of my children are a unique blessing in my life and deserve my respect and value.  If I expect my children to be able to honor me, then I have to be able to model it myself."

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Wow, just wow!  Beautiful portrait of laying one's life down for another. This video is actually a campaign called #mybeautifulwoman by a Thai lingerie company - totally G rated, promise!  Very powerful. #mademecry

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Awesome edible slime recipe from +Fun at Home With Kids Blog .  What could be better than slime that's safe for little bodies!
NEW Recipe All-Natural Edible Slime

Of all the posts I've written, I'm probably the most excited about this one. I have spent hours in our kitchen developing and perfecting this recipe - an All Natural Edible Slime that behaves and feels just like the traditional slimes - but is totally chemical free. I hope you all love it as much as we do!!!!!

#KBN   #slime  
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