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Advanced Airflow Solutions - Krantz UK Distributor

We would like to announce that from 1st January 2016, Advanced Airflow Solutions will become exclusive distributors of Krantz air distribution & heating & cooling equipment for the UK and Ireland.

Since January 2015 we have enjoyed a successful year having completed many interesting projects and we would like to thank you all for your incredible support.

Our plans for 2016 include a programme of CPD seminars covering all aspects of air distribution, from ceiling, floor, commercial & industrial, designed to meet any customer specific challenges.

We would like to be the first to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year & we look forward to being of service to you throughout 2016.

Advanced Airflow Solutions Notable Projects Completed in 2015
20 Fenchurch Street, London
AMRC Factory, Sheffield
Barnsley 6th Form College
Barnsley Construction Centre
BBC Media City, Salford
Birmingham University New Library
Black Box Almere, The Netherlands
Burton University Technical College
Cancer Research UK, London
Crucell, The Netherlands
Girdwood Hub, Northern Ireland

Liverpool Royal Philharmonic
New West Brom Building Society
Porsche Garage, Aberdeen
Portland Place, London
Rolls Royce, Derby
SERC Bangor
St James’ Market, London
University of Edinburgh
University of Ulster
Waterfront Hall, Belfast
Windsor Walk Medical Centre, London
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The Opticlean diffuser from Krantz is rapidly gaining in popularity amongst architects, designers and developers, particularly in prestigious landmark developments in the capital. 

Utilising the perforated metal ceiling tile used throughout the building, the Opticlean outlet is invisible to the untrained eye. Even after long periods of operation, no smudging occurs due to the unique separation between supply and induced room air at the diffuser face. 

The inductive nature of the outlet guarantees uniformity of temperature and velocity ensuring comfortable, draught-free conditions. 

The low noise, low pressure loss characteristics make the outlet ideal for use with fan coil units and acoustically lined plenums are also available to further reduce system noise and avoid cross talk issues. 

In summary, the key points are as follows:

1. High level of thermal comfort in the occupied zone.

2. Unobtrusive integration into the suspended ceiling. 

3. The avoidance of dirt accumulated on the ceiling. 

4. Low sound power level and pressure loss. 

The supply air is discharged very uniformly through the finely perforated metal ceiling tile and spreads radially in the horizontal plane. As it induces indoor air, the air velocity and the difference in temperature between supply and indoor air decrease rapidly; this results in a comfortable thermal environment with draught-free indoor air velocities and uniform indoor air temperatures in the occupied zone.

The Opticlean outlet is designed for integration into suspended metal tile ceilings which have a free area of 18-22% and hole sizes in the range of 1.5-1.8mm. This range covers many popular ceiling types, such as the SAS D1822. 

If the Opticlean is installed near a wall or in a room corner, it is possible to alter the discharge pattern by using segment covers made of acoustic fleece in order to avoid air draughts in the occupied zone. These covers will be fitted to the upper side of the perforated faceplate.

The ceiling tiles and the Opticlean hoods would normally be provided to the mechanical contractor who would bond the two elements together either using the special adhesive tape provided attached to the Opticlean hoods or specially formed cross bars to clamp the hoods into the tiles. This would depend on the ceiling tile used and the size of the hoods. 

Advanced Airflow Solutions are authorised distributors of Krantz Air Distribution and Heating & Cooling equipment in the UK. Interested in the Krantz Opticlean? Contact us today for further information.


Phone: 01457 876262
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Advanced Airflow Solutions is pleased to announce that from the 1st January 2015 it will be an authorised distributor for Krantz air distribution and heating & cooling products in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Ian Lees, Managing Director, has had a long standing relationship with Krantz since 1997, and has gained vast experience in the selection of the Krantz specialist range of air distribution equipment and passive and active chilled beams for all applications.

Advanced Airflow Solutions is committed to provide the high level of service and design advice as befits the high quality range of products. 

All products have been developed and tested in the extensive Krantz R&D facility in Aachen, Germany, which can be made available for customers wishing to witness the performance of products in specific project applications. 

In addition to the Krantz range of products, we are able to offer the following:

- Variable Volume Regulators

- Attenuators

- Door Curtains

- Kitchen Hoods

- Standard Grilles & Diffusers

We are therefore now able to offer wide packages of equipment at the most competitive prices. 

We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our professionalism and efficiency and welcome enquiries from consultants and contractors alike. 
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Krantz Opticlean - The Solution For Combining Discreet Appearance With A Thermally Comfortable Environment #opticlean
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We have been awarded the contract to supply motorised Louvres to The Soapworks Building in Manchester. The former "Colgate Palmolive" plant in the heart of Salford Quays, Soapworks is set to become an iconic building within the North West Office market.

A full re-development / re-modelling of the former Colgate Palmolive production facility, when complete, will provide c. 500,000 sq ft of high image but cost effective and flexible office accommodation with the benefit of a range of on-site facilities. Creating a stunning transformation of the former Colgate Palmolive factory
The site comprises approximately 8.5 acres so there is a substantial amount of on-site car parking whilst Exchange Quay Metrolink station and various bus routes are easily accessible on foot.
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Earlier this month we were awarded the contract to supply the Variable Air Volume Regulators to The National Graphene Institute. We were delighted to be part of such an exciting project. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the groundbreaking discovery in Manchester in 2002, here's a little background information.

Graphene is made of a single layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. Graphene is one million times thinner than paper; so thin that it is actually considered two dimensional.

Carbon is an incredibly versatile element. Depending on how atoms are arranged, it can produce hard diamonds or soft graphite. Graphene’s flat honeycomb pattern grants it many unusual characteristics, including the status of strongest material in the world. Columbia University mechanical engineering professor James Hone once said it is “so strong it would take an elephant, balanced on a pencil, to break through a sheet of graphene the thickness of Saran Wrap,” according to the university.

In 2002, University of Manchester researcher Andre Geim became interested in graphene and challenged a PhD student to polish a hunk of graphite to as few layers as possible. The student was able to reach 1,000 layers, but could not hit Geim’s goal of 10 to 100 layers. Geim tried a different approach: tape. He applied it to graphite and peeled it away to create flakes of layered graphene. More tape peels created thinner and thinner layers, until he had a piece of graphene 10 layers thick.
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Advanced Airflow Solutions are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract to supply the grilles & diffusers to Aberdeen International Business Park. Located next to Aberdeen International Airport, Phase 1 of the development boasts extensive facilities; restaurants & cafés, a fitness centre, sports hall and convenience shopping. 
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We have been awarded the contract to supply the grilles & diffusers to The Roslin Institute at The University of Edinburgh. 

The Roslin Institute undertakes top-class basic and translational science to tackle some of the most pressing issues in animal health and welfare, their implications for human health and for the role of animals in the food chain.

The Centre was formally established during 2008, and in 2011 moved to a new £60.6M building on the University of Edinburgh's veterinary campus at Easter Bush.

The Roslin Institute provides holistic solutions to global challenges in human and veterinary medicine and the livestock industry.
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We have been awarded the contract to supply the grilles & diffusers to Chester Business Park. 

The park, a 175 acre landscaped business environment in the Cheshire Green Belt, south of Chester City Centre, provides the perfect location for businesses in 1,250,000 sq ft of prime office accommodation.

The Park maximises its use of the natural environment whilst managing any building intrusion by strict adherence to a 15% building footprint and maximum building height of 12 metres.
The landscaping incorporates existing marlpit ponds - typical of the Cheshire countryside - a central lakes feature that forms an integral part of the surface water drainage system, a 2 kilometre circular walk within the Park, and woodland. In addition the Park is home to several endangered wildlife species including great crested newts, barn owls, water voles and several invertebrates.

In recent years, the Park has been the recipient of several 'North West in Bloom' awards.
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