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#Venezuela Finally Turns Communist - Maduro Follows Leninist Dogma to the Letter  #SOS

@BarackObama Please we ask you to activate the Democratic Letter in Venezuela. The government is shooting the students and civilians. #SOS

Venezuela SOS the regime setting on fire apartments and cars

#Venezuela is in EMERGENCY. 'President' Maduro (former bus driver appointed next in line by Hugo F. Chavez) forces military to repress and kill people. We need international help. SOS @BarackObama @ONU_derechos


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Robert Schwentker

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First Ever Beacon Hackathon

List of beacon hacks - my tweets at:

Beacon Hack Champs: #1 Conf Room Mgt #2 BiggerBox Shopping Cart for IKEA #3 InstaSave prevent kids from drowning
Final Beacon Hack #16: InstaSave idea is to save kids from drowning in swimming pools w/ beacon in bracelet or necklace
Hack #15: Beacon controlled AR Drone
Hack #14: ChronoLogger location & time logging using iBeacons (by Google interns) … <>
Hack #13: Hoopla interactive games with rewards
Hack #12: EarlyBear wake up calls from strangers with rewards w/@Estimote<> #beabear
Hack #11: shopping cart app lets you skip queue to pay, get merchandise faster @IKEA<> w/ Google Analytics &@Estimote 
Hack #10: Safe Ride app alerts user of safe or not safe taxi driver via SMS/eMail/Tweet- requires Beacon in each cab
Hack #9: FilmFest ReelRewards: ticketless entry+more w/ Smart Coaster @ VIP lounges @Gimbal<>@WhoWhatWear
Hack #8: BagTag app tracks checked bags by putting a Beacon in each suitcase. Can see location of lost bag
Hack #7: Catch Lifelog went from NFC to Beacon to show retail use cases (from Korea)
Hack #6: NinjaFight! Beacon enabled multi-player game. Can play Capture The Flag Ninja
Hack #6: Codame streamlines artist discovery & enables interactive art (w/ first ever Beacon enabled Art)
Beacon Hack #5: conference room management "make rooms smart"
Hack #4 BabyConcierge: Help new parents stay sane & keep tabs on feedings, baby supplies, etc. SMS: "Where's the Bear?" :))
Hack #3: LocalStory Museum-style tours of courthouses, factories, firehouses, & anything else of local historical interest
Beacon hack #2: SubTerra Cognita simulates a mine collapse - photosensitive beacons alert you of damaged caverns
Beacon Hack #1: "Beacon Clip" Load your Twitter/LinkedIn profile on wearable clip browse other's profiles sorted by proximity
 Order of Beacon ~20 hackathon demos more/less order as listed @hackerleague<>
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Join the Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets (@MI_CFM) and PayPal (@PayPal) for a wide ranging discussion on innovative ways to raise money online.  Daniel Gorfine (@DGorfine) Director of Financial Market Policy and Legal Counsel at the Milken Institute (@MilkenInstitute) will moderate a discussion of leading platform founders, disruptive entrepreneurs, and investors leading the way into 21st century finance.  

You will receive an exclusive Milken Institute publication on crowd investing, peer-to-peer lending, and new online financing mechanisms. Furthermore we plan to have product demos, exhibitor tables, and of course, food and drink. 


1) Crowd Investing Landscape 
The internet, social media, and the power of the crowd are fostering new ways to raise capital--what are the challenges, risks, and rewards? Explore the range of crowd investing models in the marketplace with some of the leading platform founders.

• Ryan Caldbeck, Founder and CEO, CircleUp -@CircleUp

• Sam Hodges, Founder and Managing Director, Funding Circle


• Alex Mittal, Co-Founder and CEO, FundersClub -@mittal&@FundersClub

2) Crowd Entrepreneurs & Investors 

Much attention has been focused on online investment platforms. But what about the entrepreneurs and investors actually putting these new tools to use?  We'll hear real-world lessons gleaned from investors and entrepreneurs using online portals to invest in and fund startups. 

• Nick Grossman, General Manager, Union Square Ventures -@nickgrossman&@usv

• Allen Lu, Producer, Linsanity: The Official Jeremy Lin Documentary 
•  Dean Radetsky, Angel Investor, OurCrowd -@OurCrowd

3) The Promise of Peer-Based Lending 

Peer-to-peer lending models have pioneered the marketplace, particularly for social impact investing.  What challenges, opportunities do investors and entrepreneurs see in this space? What impact can this disintermediation have on the marketplace? 

• Mike Cagney, Co-Founder and CEO, SoFi -@mcagney&@SoFi 

• Austin Choi, General Counsel, -@Kiva

• Ethan Senturia, Co-Founder, Dealstruck -@Dealstruck 

• Josh Tonderys, Chief Risk Officer, Prosper -@ProsperLoans 

AGENDA (Tentative)

5:00 Doors Open, Palooza Begins, Exhibitor Tables & Appetizers

6:00 Opening Remarks

6:05 Overview

6:15 Product Demos 

6:30 Panel 1: Crowd Investing Landscape 

7:15 Panel 2: Entrepreneurs & Investors 

8:00 Break & Refreshments

8:20 Panel 3: The Promise of Peer-Based Lending 

9:05 Palooza Continues, Exhibitor Tables Reopen, Refreshments & Appetizers Circulate

10:00 Taps & Lights Out

Tweet on: #newfinance


Bancbox builds apps that move money. Developers:

Sponsorship Tables are available. Please contact organizers Julianne of Milken Institute or Robert of PayPal for details.

Optional $10-$20 donation at the door. All attendee donations and all sponsorship proceeds go directly to Milken Institute, a non profit public charity (501c3).
21st Century Online Finance: Crowd Funding, Crowd Investing & P2P Lending
Wed, November 27, 2013, 10:00 PM
PayPal Town Hall San Jose, CA

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Robert Schwentker

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Sears Hackathon at SPUR in SF, August 23-25 

Sears HC (holding company) is looking for mobile apps that can:
* Focus on mobile and commerce experience and products
* Drive traffic mobile and commerce experience
* Increase engagement for mobile and web
* Explore ideas that can be implemented for Holiday 2013

Primary verticals:  fashion, auto, home appliances & consumer electronic

Technology focus areas:
* Mobile
* Social
* Commerce/Payments

Fashion:  Cheryl Tiegs, Pilgrim, Roebucks, Gold Bond, Kardashian Kollection
Auto: Penske, Dashmate, Diehard
Home appliance: Kenmore, Coldspot
Consumer electronics: Craftsman, Silvertone, Tower

Sears' traffic: Web:  ~21M monthly unique visitors
Current number of mobile apps:  15 different apps across retail and various verticals (includes Kmart)

Judges include:
- Robert Scoble
- Sears' exec team (including CIO)
- Doug Chavez, Universal-McCann
- Indy Guha, Bain Capital
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Seriously.... Sears they need to do something about their costumer service ... their auto department damaged one of my cars for a simple tire change .... never touch anything has to do with sears....
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Robert Schwentker

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Sign of an original Palo Alto!
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Robert Schwentker

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City Camp Palo Alto June 1 - check it out!
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Have him in circles
2,304 people

Robert Schwentker

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@PayPalDev sponsors Bitcoin Meetup

+Brian Zisk @Zisk and I kicked off the evening @ImpactHub_SFBay. I discussed @MickyMalka’s keynote at Future of Money Conference: “….that over 100 groups daily self organize around Bitcoin…and reach out to the Bitcoin Foundation for resources, contacts, speakers, etc…” I asked how many devs in the house – about 1/3 raised hands.

@BitPay’s Eric @Martindale(from Atlanta) happened to be walking down Mission street, saw the event sign and came in (this can happen like only in the Bay Area it seems). So I had him give a brief keynote on Bitcoin & BitPay.

@Linguabee provided ASL sign language interpreting services with two translators (turns out it’s way exhausting for just one). ~15 persons speaking ASL attended.

+Sean Percival (@500Startups Bitcoin accelerator,@blockchain marketing) led the panel with Skye Elijah of @coinbeyond, and guys from @BTCJams, @snapCard, @CrowdCurity&@CoinCove. (@BTCJams from @500Startups, @snapCard+@CrowdCurity&@CoinCove from Adam Draper’s @BoostVC)

 @blockchain we open source everything - we see this as the best path to security

+Kevin Marks created a most excellent summary of the meetup panel content:

Also in the house were  Forbes reporter Camilla Webster, +Bruce Cahan visiting scholar creating a Banking Institute at Stanford; Michael Witlin, event producer for Apple/HP, TEDxNewWallStreet; and Scott Robinson, organizer of Plug and Play’s Bitcoin accelerator, and of Bay Areas largest Bitcoin meetup (at Stanford). 

Other photos here:
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Nice.  Small world. 
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Awesome vid on work/life/spirit balance. Gopi's funny, so interesting & inspiring!
The article also features a talk "Yoga and Business" that I gave at Wisdom 2.0 Business at Google NY in Sept 2013.
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Robert Schwentker

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TheGlint, a self-described “Heroism Accelerator” - where art shows, hacker nights, talks by top VCs, CEOs, and intellectuals [abounded]. It was possibly the most idealistic and ambitious of all San Francisco’s hacker houses.
Then it imploded:
The founders of the house were busy working on their own companies and didn’t have time to manage the property.
From the ashes of the phoenix rose Rise:
“I can say the main difference between Rise and TheGlint was the ethos and level of ambition,” says Daniel Marienthal, who lived at the mansion for about a year, spanning both its incarnations. “TheGlint was on a very ambitious mission to merge the art and technology communities. Rise focused more on the community of people living in the house and how we could combine resources to help each other get where we wanted to go.”
Then Rise shut down - when the mansion's lease was up for renewal:
There was a bidding war, and someone else offered $19,000 a month. Rise had applicants who were willing to pay high rents, but the founders thought charging $1,400 for a bunk bed was too steep...Everyone moved out.
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Robert Schwentker

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Dwolla's Internal Hackathon projects included:
> Riddlin’: post a riddle on Twitter, pay out the people who post a correct response. (watch out Chirpify )
> HR Geek Out: time and expense tracking for hourly employees. 
> Hack for Happiness: a culture book that will be used as a reference for new employees joining the Dwolla team. (will they ever top Zappos 2011 Culture Book? -- )
> Kegbot: tracks individual beer consumption with a flow meter -  sends out payment requests via Dwolla. ( an internet of things hack )
> Choose Your Adventure: surveys Dwolla merchants, auto-gens a list of educational materials suited for their biz type - for both employees & customers.
> Cash Mob: supports local biz by arranging "cash mobs" via Dwolla. 
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Nice. These give me some ideas for fun activities with my team. Thanks!! :)
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Robert Schwentker

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PayPal's Battle Hack Global Hackathon
This follows AngelHack's model of hacks abroad with winners coming to Silicon Valley. Interesting of the 10 cities announced that there is no SV event as of yet. However the fine print reads that there will be an event in California.

The BattleHack site highlights the winner to be deemed:  "World's Ultimate Hackers For Good" however social impact / social good is not a focus, at least not yet. It appears that each app in the contest must use a PayPal API. According to the terms and conditions each event in each city will have a "theme" tbd.  Oddly the home page says otherwise:

Your Code. Our Globe. The Battle to end all Battles. Will you win The Biggest Hack Prize In History? No theme, no limitations.

Best Team + Best App = $100,000 USD prize.

Great Q&A:
Do you own my hack?
No, this puppy is yours, born and bred from Battle Hack love.

"Judging will be based on the following criteria: (i) Implementation – 50% (ii) Innovation – 25%, and (iii) Real world usability – 25%."

Oh & btw if you want to check the winners but lack internet access - not to worry. 
For the names of the winners, mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope by 12/31/13 to:

PayPal BattleHack Developer’s Competition Winners
P. O. Box 997
Plainview, NY 11803-0997
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Robert Schwentker

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Tallest BLDG in US - the new WTC

The new 1 World Trade Center reached that height with the lowering of a silvery spire from a crane on Friday, officially taking its place as a signature of the city's skyline & ... the nation's tallest tower.
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Have him in circles
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