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Michael Eldridge
Forever a searching soul and one who loves to teach
Forever a searching soul and one who loves to teach

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The Bienale, Daimons and Light
After our workshop in Assisi , Jack Fulton and I headed up North to the Veneto to see the Biennale in Venice. This year it was without a common theme although it had the title of  'Viva Arte Viva', which sort of translates as 'Long live Living Art'. On refl...

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Breaking News: Our new Website!
 This is just a taster/tester, because there are still a few bolts to tighten and buttons and fuel level to check before take off. And here is the link Yes, the Tango of Creativity. The launch of a series of workshops about what creativity is all about, how...

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The Big Painting Horror Show
BIG Painting horror story A formula is all you need. BBC know this. Because it's about ratings you see. And once you got winning formula, for
God's sake stick with it Wonder what I'm writing about? It's this 'The Big Painting
Competition' currently on BBC...

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'The Tango of Creativity' in Assisi
A weekend for lovers of colour, light and space who love equally sharing and friendship That title: The Tango of Creativity  is rather brilliant in my humble estimation. It is as if the creator and the
created, dance and prance with each other.             ...

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Rain in Venice
 Four days of incessant rain Rain in Venice It was two weekends back, in fact the weekend of the changing of the light, although you would have never have guessed it. For weeks beforehand I had imagined sunny skies and Italian weather forecasts promised jus...

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Lost in Venice
lost in Venice Getting lost in Venice. It's not difficult. It's happened to me in Florence too. And Reggio del' Emilia It's a sort of amnesia. And I'm getting used to it. And it's not easy to let go and say to
yourself 'OK, I'm lost and I give up' In Reggi...

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Creativity and evolution
                                                                          Painting Michael Eldridge 'Adriatic' series  Leonard Cohen was asked in
an interview in the seventies where creativity comes from, and he
replied 'If I knew, I'd go there more often'...
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