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Vantar favorites a þetta Google +
Are you giving a big presentation in the new year? Don't put your audience through PowerPoint hell. Nancy Duarte gives her tips for perfecting the slide deck for your next presentation. 

And for examples of great and not-so-great slides, see Nancy's blog post, "Do Your Slides Pass the Glance Test?" 

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Ha ha ha!

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Feelin' great.

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Sony Ericsson Active þolir vatn...

Gamers solve structure of a retrovirus enzyme, it had stumped scientists for > decade. They did it in 3 weeks.

Imagine if website owners could insert JavaScript on their site to do some calculation in the background and in the way that it won't effect performance. If Facebook would do it, it would solve something each day, even on my site with people spending on average 20 minutes would mean alot of calculations

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This post will be in Icelandic

Hef verið að pæla í nýrri útgáfu appinu. Frá því að fyrsta útgáfan kom út, í mars, þá hafa orðið töluverðar breytingar á öppum, meira clean, upphafsvalmynd hefur verið notuð meira. Það er því komin tími til að senda hönnuðinn í vinnu og kalla í Ýmir mobile til að gera V2. Hérna er smá uppkast af því hvernig það mun líklegast líta út. Endilega kommentið ef það vantar eitthvað eða þú vilt sjá hlutin öðruvísi.

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Amazing, Google is going overboard
I wanted my daughter to use her google account to talk to her mother who is an exchange student at UofMn.
I added her to Google+, stated her correct birthday and then BAM! I'm met with this:

She can't acces her email now and Google is going to DELETE her account??!

I read in the help documentation that I'm supposed to be able to vouch for her account, which is exactly what I would consider the right approach. The only catch is that there is in fact no way for me to DO THAT!

Now - WHY would Google do that?

I can't understand, because you shouldn't ever take privileges away from your flock ( I won't use the word customer here since we're the revenue generating product ) Google can stop people from accessing whatever new shit they like. But Google should never take away from people what was formerly their's.

When Google DO revoke services that were formerly being rendered (like deleting the whole Google account of a person) You are only forcing them to either create a new falsified account or making them incredibly mad, joining another service and possibly taking others along with them.

And since I'm on the topic, do they really consider it cool to demand a credit card or a scan of a person's national ID just too keep a freaking email address?
And how come +Vic Gundotra doesn't use his real name on Google+ ??
( Since I know you guys aren't that busy and like taking these new helpdesk+ calls >:o) +Larry Page +Sergey Brin )

Yesterday we sent out our first email on our mailing list in few years. About 100.000 emails were sent. My first thought was using something like MailChimp or similiar service but the cost was simply to high. Instead I wrote a little email client that we use internally. This actually can give us better data than MailChimp or any other could give us on the type of people that open their email or click the links.

Setting up the email template was pretty easy, just use the email boilerplate that is provided on the net, and code like it's 1998.

If you've used MailChimp before, you'll now the great data that it provides about how many views, clicks, how many unsubscribed and ton of other data. Of course I had to implement this into our system and something interesting came up.

At this time we've had 6990 views on the emails and 1083 clicks made. But of those 1083 click, 605 of the weren't count as view email. This is because most email clients block images in emails, and only way to count if email has been view is to insert an image that loads from our server.

From these numbers you can estimate that the 6990 view are only 45% of actual views. So actual views are probably around 15500 views.

Does MailChimp and others estimate like this or is something wrong with it?

We have Karma points on our site, they are similar to Reputation points on Stackoverflow (

I'm thinking about changing the Karma system on our site to % instead of points. That should eliminate inflation in the points. Today people create threads just to earn more karma point (we call it karma binge), so today it's not that hard to earn > 200 points and there by have more control over our site.

By changing the system to % instead of points, that would mean that a user would only give someone a point if he really earns it because your % will go down(just a little) and the more people there are on the site, each % is more valuable(deflation).

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Seems like Google has changed how they handle robots.txt. This was my setup for blocking a folder named message

Disallow: /message

This allowed files like /messageboard/messageboard.aspx
but that changed in May, so it stopped crawling that file. So be sure to check your robots.txt and make sure folders end with slash, like this

Disallow: /message/
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