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Santhyago Gallão
Para pessoas interessadas, nem o céu é o limite!
Para pessoas interessadas, nem o céu é o limite!


Hi, fellows, I can't sync/pair my Google Glass with My Glass app. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android Nougat. Any idea?

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Nos ajude a fazer melhores vídeos para os desenvolvedores brasileiros

O nosso principal objetivo é fazer conteúdos que ajudem o desenvolvedor brasileiro, por isso estamos pedindo uma pequena ajuda da comunidade! ;-)

Basta preencher um pequeno formulário, coisa rápida, nos dando o seu feedback dos vídeos atuais e também com sugestões de novos formatos e conteúdo que você gostaria de ver no nosso canal!


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#androidDev , Yesterday I've been playing with the CoordinanorLayout, CollapsingToolbarLayout, and so on, trying to replicate the profile animation shown in the new hangouts app [0]. 

There are some interesting points to take into account in these views that could pass unnoticed.

For example, maybe, as in this example, you may require to have different parallax values on each view under a CollapsingToolbarLayout. The setParallaxMultiplier does the trick:

CollapsingToolbarLayout.LayoutParams petDetailsLp =

CollapsingToolbarLayout.LayoutParams petBackgroundLp =



The movements of the circular image of the activity are managed by a custom CoordinatorLayout.Behavior set by the following attribute:


The behaviors are powerfull components that allow you to manipulate the movements and properties of a view regarding changes on other views that are called dependencies.

A common example to understand how the behaviours work is the FloatingActionButton, which in some layouts, is translated once a Snackbar is shown, that translation is managed by a CoordinatorLayout.Behaviour. Here is a nice article to implement and understand them [1]

There is another cool trick not referred with this example shown by +Ian Lake in a  _StackOverflow_ post [2], this is used on a NestedScroll to overlap the Appbar under the main content a few dps,


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Added photos to Mobile Test e English Talks.
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We’ve just released a new version of the Android Testing Support Library

This is mainly a bug fix release which includes fixes for Android Marshmallow, JaCoCo Code Coverage, Test Sharding and a more reliable way to close and synchronize with the Android software keyboard. For a comprehensive overview of the new features and fixes please refer to our release notes[1]. To get started with the latest version of ATSL, follow these instructions[2].

With this release we’re also announcing the deprecation of Android-Test-Kit [3]. We created a brand new website[4] dedicated only to ATSL. This website contains documentation, samples, downloads and more. Our support forum has also moved to a new home and can be found here[5].

The samples on github[6/7] have been updated to reflect the latest version of ATSL. New bugs should be filed against our new component on the AOSP bug tracker[8/9] and last but not least, we have a new logo, yay :-)

Happy testing from the ATSL team +Stephan Linzner, +Nick Korostelev & +Jose Alcérreca

[1] Release notes -
[2] Getting started -
[3] Android-test-kit -
[4] ATSL github page -
[5] Support forum -
[6] Testing samples -
[7] Testing blueprint -
[8] ATSL bug -
[9] ATSL feature -

#androidTesting #buildBetterApps
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