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Sean O'Reilly
President and CEO of the Auriga Distribution Group: Interested in ideas that work
President and CEO of the Auriga Distribution Group: Interested in ideas that work

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Except that he is full of shit. Those on the ground say otherwise

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Bentley Drivers Club Showcase at Blenheim Palace
For the first time at Blenheim Palace visitors are invited to the exclusive Bentley Drivers Club Showcase on 22nd May. This exciting motoring event celebrates the 80th anniversary of the inaugural run of the Bentley Drivers Club.

Over 100 Bentleys, from six different starting points across the UK, will be attending this very special showcase in the East Court of Blenheim Palace.

Bringing together passionate Bentley owners and motoring enthusiasts this is a spectacular event not to be missed.

The cars on display will range from the earliest 3 litre cars from the 1920s up to the current models of Bentley Motors. Several of the cars are past Concours winners and there will also be some with a significant race history. The Bentley Drivers Club will have an information display in East Court.

Visitors can enjoy the motoring spectacle at Blenheim Palace before enjoying an Afternoon Tea in the new Orangery Restaurant, available on this day from 2pm. Booking is recommended for Afternoon Tea.
Bentley Drivers Club Showcase
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Is Marcus Gilmer a man or a woman or a trannie?

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What a wonderful metaphor for Obamacare: a haunted house 
I dreamed last night that Donald Trump was taking people on a tour through a haunted house, and leaving them to pay a big bill afterward. Pretty apt symbolism.

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Woo hoo. The A-10 is a machine that works. Keep it going!

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"Now let me give you a recent example of the persisting insularity of liberal thought in the media.  When the first secret Planned Parenthood video was released in mid-July, anyone who looks only at liberal media was kept totally in the dark about it, even after the second video was released.  But the videos were being run nonstop all over conservative talk shows on radio and television.  It was a huge and disturbing story, but there was total silence in the liberal media.  That kind of censorship was shockingly unprofessional.  The liberal major media were trying to bury the story by ignoring it.  Now I am a former member of Planned Parenthood and a strong supporter of unconstrained reproductive rights.  But I was horrified and disgusted by those videos and immediately felt there were serious breaches of medical ethics in the conduct of Planned Parenthood officials.  But here’s my point:  it is everyone’s obligation, whatever your political views, to look at both liberal and conservative news sources every single day.  You need a full range of viewpoints to understand what is going on in the world."

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How the left uses professional lies while purporting to display reasonable reporting: "While fetal tissue donation is a long-standing and legal component of American medical research, many Republicans, like Ernst, are using the videos as the latest battle cry of many in the party’s opposition of abortion."  Note the confabulation of two completely dissimilar things to achieve the subtle defense of what seems to be a plausible position. Using fetal tissue from un-aborted human beings for scientific research is morally acceptable but using fetal tissue from aborted fetuses is completely immoral. Not only that the argument is even more smarmy because while abortion may be legal it is certainly not moral in almost all circumstances aside from life-threatening circumstances. One could argue but they are already dead, what difference does it make? Okay leftards what difference does it make if you write 'die faggots' on the bombs that will kill terrorists? The association of what is moral with what is immoral in order to degrade meaning can be immoral in many ways--depending on which side of the fence you sit on. Planned Parenthood uses a similar confabulation to defend its support of abortion. We provide womens' services they scream. Fine. Provide those services without abortion if you want to receive Federal Funding. What's next funding of gay marriage?

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The biggest threat facing America is no single issue, no single ideology. It is, purely and simply, the growth of irrationality. Much of this irrationality can be found in the Democratic Party but the Republican Party is no more immune to irrationality than people are to gravity. Imagine Nancy Pelosi opposing Kate's Law on the basis of " interfering with the police". Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of the corrupt politician. She is only concerned with the Hispanic vote--no other issue matters. The death of the innocent is a minor concern unless they are black or belong to some other important Dem voting demographic. Anyone would think Trayvon Martin was a saint by the time the dimwits in the media finished their work. Imagine assaulting police and security personnel and then being outraged because your dumb ass son or daughter got shot. Where was Trayvon Martin's father? Busy sticking his dick into every available female. He sure wasn't around to monitor Trayvon's pot smoking.

30 million dead from AIDS and what is the primary focus of the Democratic Party?  The right to sodomy. Go figure. The argument that encouraging marriage among gays will cut down on AIDS is like saying the existence of marriage will cut down on pre-marital sex. Gay marriage will only encourage male bisexuals and homosexuals to pump more semen into backsides. And AIDS is not the only disease to be worried about. The growth of STD's among the sexually active of all orientations is exponential.

Obama wants and agreement with Iran. Hello, hello Mr. President why would you deal with a nation proven to be more adept at lying than your own party?
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