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Thinking About a Facebook Post by Jasime Dreame Wagner
Why does it seem it’s easier to spew hatred and divisiveness
in a tweet While love needs a few paragraphs (of verses) to clean up
the mess? No matter what you tweet, it misrepresents? You put a tweet up about Trump, But you better put 6 or 7 up at the same ...

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Alternatives to ASKGOOGLE?
A 5 year old needs a bed time story, and perhaps I can be an
alternative to ASKGOOGLE ™. 50: “Did you know that once upon a time gas prices were much
lower?” 5: “Was that because there was more oil back then?” 50: “Yes, look at this football helmet. Isn’t t...

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Bye Bye Radiers, Hello Uber…..or what’s a stadium to you?
The talk that the Raiders and/or the Athletics may be
leaving Oakland has been going on for at least a decade. LA Raiders, San Antonio Raiders, San Jose Athletics, and Las Vegas
Raiders are all floated….According to the some, the city is just heading
away f...

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Oakland Warehouse Tragedy (Or, just SCREAM)
(Without Music) I’ll probably regret making this “public.” (Without Music). Forgive me if I seem to speak for other
people (as“we”). (Without Music) Please forgive me in advance if this seems
heartless. Because I’ve been so solitary (aside from my job) and ...

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“Joe Klein, The Specter of Citizens United & Political Advertising”---From #Trump#TIME
In the November 9, 2016, “President-Elect Trump” issue of
TIME Magazine, Joe “Primary Colors” Klein claims that “the American political
establishment has been toppled. As a long time member of the clan, I am writing
from beneath the rubble. The view from he...

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from #Trump#TIME
In the November 9, 2016, “President-Elect Trump” issue of
TIME Magazine, Princeton Professor Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. predicts that most
pundits and scholars “will talk about the discontent of working-class white
Americans, how elites dismissed them with scorn ...

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I tried to cry Katrina into art that would do something In a feeble John Prine-esque country-folk waltz I packaged as a New Orleans Benefit CD (not the Red Cross,
dammit). I raised like $527, a lot for one who sucks at hustlin’. I saw people cry when I play...

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Post Election Blues
Post Election Blues The minor character said: Oh, the only vote they really care about Is how you vote with your pocket book. Every month, AT&T for President, Comcast for King of Kings, taxation without rep. The Emperors have their Colonial governors And gi...

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Oakland Nocturne 2016 (R.I.P Biff's Coffee Shop)
Another seemingly apolitical difference Between then & now I hear the old folks, Or, say, wise
elders, wax nostalgic about Is how they used to be able to walk around Oakland More at 1AM and 2AM and felt less unsafe. The way they talk about Oakland in 1968 M...

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A Few Things Judy Juanita’s De Facto Feminism Got Me Thinking About
“Terminology makes for binary
thinking dilemmas” (162) “In protest movements, as in
wars, the people on the bottom don’t write history” (156) I always felt that one of the reasons the Occupy Wall Street
99% movement (of 2011/12) was doomed to failure, aside...
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