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Put a little science in your life
Put a little science in your life

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I know I have been fairly quiet the past few weeks. I know, based on stats, that you've noticed my silence. My silence has been driven by funding fears and sequestration.

I have spent the past several weeks trying to figure out how to write this post. Sometimes emotions are so raw that they don’t readily shape themselves into words: They manifest themselves as a face that can’t smile, a head that throbs with a stress migraine, and with an exhaustion driven not by lack of sleep but rather deriving from the emotional exhaustion that just makes a person want to hide in a dark room locked away from the world. My head hurts. I am exhausted. My emotions are raw. I am writing now because there is a very real possibility that the proposed restructuring of the US education system may eliminate the NASA funding I and my staff rely on to pay our salaries. In the worst case, everyone I employ at my university will become unemployed – including me – when FY2014 begins. In the expected case – if no new funding is found – I will lose half the funding I use for salary, and I will need to decide who among my staff I will have to fire. I don’t plan to let funding cuts put us down; I will not die like a dog abandoned at the city shelter. We will fight our way free to continue… but we need your ideas and help. 

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Thanks to +Richard Carter for creating this page for the Beagle Project.

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Anyone know how can I make G+ show my occupation instead of my employer when someone hovers over my name or avatar?

Signing off here, heading for Twitter, my true home online. How long before these will be integrated? >sighs<

Whoa. Google's multiple sign-in function is bug bug buggy. Great idea, though. Hope they fix it. I want to be able to be working on a Google Doc signed in with my work email while I say logged into Google+ with my personal email in a different tab.

Still getting my head around G+ here. What are some useful categories for circles? Do you sort people by topic, or by relationship to you, or both? Other ideas?
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