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Google Tamgo tracking the real world from your phone. The future of robotics looks bright!

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They took our jobs!
The future of robotics is here.
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Ugh, random repeating phantom unhappy noises began coming mysteriously from my Android phone this week. I really do not want to expend the effort for a fix. WhatsApp is a practical necessity, so other OSes are not an option. This Android experiment of mine is over. In fact, I decided it was over one week into it. iPhone 6, where are you already?!

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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

#pololu #hansonrobotics #opencog #blender #ros

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Well said, thanks Matthew!
Back when I was a teenager, reading everything Ayn Rand ever wrote, I probably would have loved +Elon Musk with a hero worship special to Randians. His resemblance to the heroes of her novels is unmistakable.

Now I love him in spite of that resemblance. He's shown the ingenuity, will to power, and sheer prodigious accomplishment; but he hasn't shown the contempt for people, persecution complex or indifference to suffering that sometimes marred her protagonists.

I really do want to know what happens next.

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Podcast (in English language) & Letter To Hong Kong (also in English language) - on freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

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Szechuan fish

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If books could kill, the attempted oligarchic takeover of America would be dead this week and Wall Street would be flushed clean of villains.  The best seller lists swarm with fact-filled appraisals that should sway any portion of the population (that reads) into action. For example, Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the 21st Century” hit No. 1 at Amazon, right around the time that Elizabeth Warren released her book “A Fighting Chance.”

Another hot new book is “Flash Boys,” the latest from Michael Lewis on the most recent form of mass-scamming on Wall Street. (I've written about this important book, elsewhere, pointing out how even Lewis mixed the worst implication of High Speed Trading.

Martin Gilens's “Affluence and Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America” was an award-winner in political science last year. His new tome “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens,” conclusively proves that elites get their way in public policy, far more readily than the People do. Duh?  Then your complacency is death to democracy.

Picketty's may be the most important of these books, zeroing in - supported by clear statistics - on how the seventy year, post WWII vacation from class war in the United States has clearly come to an end.  That long, prosperous truce -- the most productive and liberating and egalitarian time in all of human history -- can only be re-established if we first have to guts to recognize why it's finally failed.    

It is still possible to reform with moderate measures, like those one hundred years ago that Teddy Roosevelt used to restore and safeguard the rising middle class against a looming Gilded Age…

…or, as Elizabeth Warren warns in her book, we may tumble back into the normal human mode of 6000 years, a pyramid shaped society of aristocratic rule in which the only options remaining to the oppressed resemble those used by the mobs, in 1789 France.  

Truly smart rich folk would see that trend and join leaders like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, fighting to maintain a middle class civilization… where they just happen to be rich, but not lords. (I portray some discussions about this taking place among trillionaires, in the 2040s, in EXISTENCE.)  The tech moguls and creative types are behind Buffett and Gates.  Dig it: half the uber wealthy really are on our side, so is it class war?

Alas, those who got rich via resource extraction from public lands, or by inheriting it, or through predatory Wall Street manipulations, seem to want to be like Louis XVI lords. And they are FAR more meddlesome politically.

 Their reactions to Picketty et al, via messengers like Paul Ryan, are not about negotiation or finding moderate reforms.  They are in full frontal attack mode and the no compromise stance is absolute determination.  "We will be your lords.  Live with it."
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