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Nhẹ như gió, mạnh như bão.
Nhẹ như gió, mạnh như bão.

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Woohoo, using g+ on android is just awesome!!!

vik giữa 2 dấu * để có chữ in đậm
vik giữa 2 dấu - để có chữ gạch ngang
vik giữa 2 dấu _ để có chữ nghiêng

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the title says it all. follow these steps and u'll find out how many friends in your facebook friendlist have g+, then simply put them into circles. keep in touch ;)

The g+ app for android is awesome, it has all we need for a social network, u can even see people around who already has a g+. location update, group chat, posts share, etc... everything is just great. The most important thing i love abt g+ is that its not blocked by the network providers, hopefully they wont do the same thing to g+ as they have done to fb. However, there is a small down point that u can only use default locations from the lists, its unable to add more locations, hope google will fix it soon.
phường 15, Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh

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this's hilarious lolz

we've been walking together for a time, not too short to understand each other, not too long to get tired. i treasure every moment we had. i still remember how u called me, how u smiled, how we did things together...and i'm gonna keep in mind. i have never forgotten anyone who had walked into my life, though later they left, or stayed, there is always a room in my heart for them, and there is a room for u in my heart as well. i have dreamed about u as the one i would love till the end, build my home with and spend my life with. it's kinda sad since we couldn't be that way but i'm ok with that. i hope u'll soon find someone who can do things that i have never been able to do for u, and love u wholeheartly. i wish u happiness.
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