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Jonathan Beri
I eat APIs for breakfast. They go surprisingly well with milk.
I eat APIs for breakfast. They go surprisingly well with milk.

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I recently achieved a personal goal: I am a contributor to a real book. It is about JavaScript, Robotics, +Raspberry Pi s, +Arduino s and more. Available on O'Reilly[1], Amazon[2] and other fine retailers. #authorship  


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Here's something I've been hacking on in my spare time for the #2017hackadayprize /cc +HACKADAY

It there a way to disable the fan from automatically turning on at a certain temp? I modded my machine so the fan is pointing at the nozzle (and I hardwired a fan for the heatsink.) I'd like to disable the fan for first-layer adhesion. It doesn't seem to work, despite setting it in Simplify3D.

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I gave a talk on making spaces and "seeing spaces!"
Jonathan Beri discusses building physical implementations of Bret Victor's "Seeing Spaces"

How does one do a fill_* on a range? For example, let say I had a strip of 16 LEDs and and wanted to fill [3...6]. Do I make a shallow copy of initialized array? Am I missing some basic understanding of FastLED?


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Heard of Thread or OpenThread? Come on down to Mountain View to learn more!
Thread Technology Workshop in Mountain View, CA on March 27, 2017

The Thread Group is running a Thread Technology Workshop at Google in Mountain View, CA on March 27, 2017. Learn more about Thread and how to get started with technical deep dives into the key features and application layer options. Come meet the OpenThread team as discuss what makes OpenThread the open source project it is today. This is a great way to quickly learn how to implement Thread in your products. Register at the following link:

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Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 ARM Cortex-M4F for IoT

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Easily switch between different versions of GCC ARM Embedded
I need to switch between different versions of GCC ARM Embedded somewhat often. I couldn't find a good solution online so I threw together a simple shell script to simplify the process I call  switch-gcc-arm . Here's a screenshot: The script is pretty simpl...

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"We are based in Silicon Valley and have been supplying wholesale electrical and electro-mechanical parts for companies, educational institutions and hobbyists since 1978."
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