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"SmallBizDavid" (aka David F Leopold)
"SmallBizDavid" (aka David F Leopold)


Happy Father's Day to the "billions" of Fathers globally. This has been a very unusual "Father's Day" for me; I have two two sons who live a "million" miles from me; they are "Milleninals"---young enough to be my "grandsons"--and I have had wonderful experiences with each of them---a million miles from where I sit...

Did you know that President Lyndon B. Johnson "created" Father's Day in 1966 when I was a Junior in High School?

I have just finished watching CBS's "Face the Nation". I can now uneqivicably say that I will not have "faith/trust in the system" until "Impeachment Proceedings" proceed... I have no "political" positioning on this matter...

EVERYDAY is "Mother's Day". A special thank-you to all who "qualify"!

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NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS WEEK starts next Sunday; it's one of my favorite "weeks" of the year as we say "thank you" to the 28 million Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners, who are really the ones who makes things happen---and to make our daily living, a little better...

Here's a great blog from Linda McMahon, who was recently chosen to "run" the Small Business Administration. She is a tremendously successful Entrepreneur herself, as she and her husband, Vince, started the WWE (Wrestling) and built it into a "multi-billion dollar" business.

By the way, tomorrow begins "National Volunteer Week"; take some time to contact your local SBA office and inquire about how their "SCORE Mentors" can help you grow your Small Business...

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April 30th--May 6th is NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS WEEK,, ho,oring Small Business---the heartbeat of our economy.
Check out the Small Business Administration's web page at for their sponsored events...

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Thank you for bringing this Small Business Information to my attention, +Barbara Weltman. As always, Small Business IS the heartbeat...

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Just read this shocking story on "How Vindictive is Donald Trump?'. I pray "past history is indicative of future behavior" does not hold true here...

Please don't forget to "Spring" your clocks forward at 2:00 AM tomorrow (Sunday) EXCEPT if you live in Arizona, Hawaii, or Canada (in North America). Europe and east happens later...
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