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Sooo...I'm moving over to another account for my Google+. It's a long story, but if your familiar with Google Apps, lets just say I'm tired of waiting. So if you're looking for me here, I won't be. I will delete this account at some point in the future unless they come out with a tool that allows me to merge.

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I keep seeing people talk about how they should have used tranquilizers on the escaped animals. While I agree their deaths are sad, I wonder if people really think it's as easy as putting phasers on stun?

Saw this today about the exotic animals. This guy is a medic. "Well I'm working Station 5 today and we are on standby. I've never treated a person thats been attacked by a grizzly. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda excited :)"

The story today about wild animals on the loose in Zanesville - no one, reporters nor witnesses, can stop themselves from saying "lions, tigers, and bears." I think they have to being thinking "Oh My" in their head, haha.

It's weird to be listening to the BBC and hear them talking about a story in Ohio.

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Teaching kids about money is as important as teaching about drugs.

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Posted a blog about a story that appeared in the local paper. I know that it wasn't intended to be misleading, but it was full of misconceptions about social media. Feel free to disagree, but take a look.

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Interesting look an what it's like. Of course, if you've ever watched Spanish-language television you get the idea.

Sitting @ Kiwanis and United Way meeting listening to older folks talking about technology. Shows age is not a's all about effort and desire.

Thought during commissioners meeting - just as all politics are local, prayers are just as local.

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Ahhh...the perils of automated email blasts. I'm pretty sure they are not looking for a "Robert" to run as a woman candidate.
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