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#peacenotwar   #ultimatepeace  

I am sick and tired of seeing war on the news. There is no reason things can't change. I just watched a program about a group trying to take those steps toward peace. They are using a Frisbee and it looks like they are making a difference.

Share this as far and wide as you can.

I made it and am all checked in. When others start getting in ping me and we can meet up.

At the moment I'm thinking about wandering around Toronto with the camera.

What are the plans for people who will be there Thursday night?

All I caught was the "will there be/won't there be" discussion on episode 299 after show the other day.

Does anyone know where I can find that nice copy of the X-card that's got the X on the front and the text on the back? Now that I have a laminator (muahahahahaha...) I'd like to make a good copy that can stay with my gaming tools.

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I've been thinking about running a Doctor Who game and today I come across this. Seems really intriguing.

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+Phil Vecchione You like bags. Check these out. They may come in handy in yout next D&D game. ;-)

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+Phil Vecchione​ Thanks for the food talk after the game last night. Today is a Five Guys lunch and I have all the fries to myself.

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I figured I would ask this over here as well.

Thanks in advance.
I was experimenting with for my Saturday D&D group and I have a question for anyone else who uses it. I am playing a druid and my spell list is slightly different from that in the PHB. There seem to be a couple extra spells in the online tool. I only have the PHB and the races from Volo's Guide added to my account.

By the way, I am really liking the site for use on the tablet. It should make playing and tracking spell usage (and expendable items) much easier.

I've got a time question for Gauntlet Con. Are the times listed Eastern? It's been a while since I played any of the Gauntlet Hangouts and my brain is telling me those were Central time. I'm thinking of hopping into a couple games that still need players.
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