Having to check the Ubuntu Edge page for the current progress every five minutes is already annoying me when I have to find the tab, and will be more so over the next month. So, a trivial, trivial little script to give me an appindicator in Ubuntu which shows the current progress of the world's biggest crowdfunding campaign, with no tab searching needed at all :-)

Script at http://ubuntuone.com/1g1yTcmnpDhVTB0Rp2UnbT

To run it, I dropped this in ~/.config/upstart/ubuntu-edge-indicator.conf:

start on desktop-start
stop on desktop-end
exec python /home/aquarius/Ubuntu\ One/Utility\ Programs/ubuntu-edge-indicator.py

Obviously change the path, and you'll need saucy (or http://ifdeflinux.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/upstart-user-sessions-in-ubuntu-raring.html Upstart User Sessions in raring) for that to work, but you can always start it by hand or something if you prefer.

Now I can see all the time what the progress is like. Yay!
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