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Waterfront Lullaby - Day One 

I wasn't going to post any of my shots from my trip to New York today until I saw +Maximilian Laue's post asking for shots from my day.

The story behind this piano found below the Brooklyn Bridge is a mystery to the population of New York. There's been much speculation, some people saying it's an art installation, others saying that it's a piano from Hurricane Katrina, the list goes on. All I know is that this is the only moment of peace that I felt throughout my whole day exploring the city. From this beach I was able to focus in on the composition and ask myself how this scene all came to be.

Your turn now +Mark Gvazdinskas!

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After weaving my way around cacti and boulders, I found myself at this spot in the Alabama Hills. I can't wait to get back out under the stars this Friday in Big Sur. 

This shot is lit by the Goal Zero Litehouse 250.

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Despite being pretty exhausted I had to make a stop to shoot Mt. Thielsen on my way back from Crater Lake. 

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Follow the link to the Mountain Safety Research blog if you want more insight into how I create my Milky Way images.

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Crater Lake Night Sky 

I think my favorite part about Milky Way photography is that first moment that your eyes adjust to the night sky and you can see the gigantic column of stars arching over you. There was never a question in my mind about why I was carrying my extremely large pack out into the wilderness to spend the night by myself. 

I woke up at 2:30am to the wind pulling at my tent and my alarm. I threw my shoes on and headed out into the darkness. After about two hours I found where I would set my camera up for the night and headed back to camp. This in my experience has to be the worst part. You sit there hoping you made the right choice as far as composition and just hope none of the unexpected could happen to your gear.

It's always a huge relief to wake up and check the screen and be satisfied with your choices. As I began backpacking back to Rim Village it dawned on me that photography makes me do some pretty damn strange things to get the shot, but I can't help but love fucking every moment of it. 

This is a composite of two frames from the timelapse, the two lights in the distance are Medford on the right and Klamath Falls on the left. 

I'll be doing a blog post with MSR very soon that goes through the steps required to capture shots like this if you're curious. 

Follow me over on Vimeo to see the timelapse upon completion

If you would like to buy a print head over to my smugmug site:

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Earth Day

I realized while shooting this shot that Photography is most definitely my form of meditation. I completely forget about the world around me and focus in on nature without a care in my mind. I can't think of anything else that allows me this complete ease of mind, it's this feeling that draws me to photography in the first place. It's the reason I romp straight into deep rivers full of water from snow melt, it's the reason I endure the scrapes and the cuts.
I can't honestly think of anything I love more. Keep the earth clean we can continue to enjoy scenes like this.
Best viewed on black.

Feel free to add me elsewhere. It's always nice to see new faces.

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I'm pretty happy with how these product shots I did for Original Grain watches turned out. I couldn't think of a better setting for wooden watches than the Pacific Northwest. Awesome dudes, awesome products, check em out.

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I still can't believe I hadn't been on the Eagle Creek trail before, hands down one of the most scenic hikes I've ever been on, it just has it all. I realized this somewhere between the bald eagles nests and the towering moss covered cliffs. 

Once arriving at the falls I decided to take a plunge in the creek to grab a shot and of course it then begins pouring. I retreated back over the slippery moss covered rocks of the river to a carved out cliff and drank a beer. I guess I've had worse days.

#canon    #500px   #landscape   #photography  

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This is one of the first shots from my trip south, I was driving on interstate 5 and barely able to see 20 feet in front of me due to the fog so I decided to pull over and hang out until it got a little better. Fortunately I was greeted by this massive storage warehouse in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing more startling than standing in the middle of a field at 2 in the morning, for an hour, in the dead silence only to have a Goose fly 10 feet over your head and honk at you. 

62.4 seconds
ISO 400

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Tamanawa Falls

Although I just got back from my trip to the Redwoods yesterday and I have more photos to process than I know what to do with I decided to embark on another trip, this time to the eastern side of Mt. Hood.
The trail was iced over and required some careful navigating. After a literal uphill battle with the ice I arrived at the falls. There's really nothing like standing there and taking it all in for yourself, I really wish this shot conveyed the sense of scale that you get while standing in the middle of this gorge.

Canon EOS 6D
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