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The top of the head on the Statue of Liberty, 1908
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I told you she was a snake! Look a copper head. <8OP
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Chad Notruth

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Yay for SFW gifs! 
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Great, now I have to go bang a melon....
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Chad Notruth

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I've implemented him into a few programs and web pages that he should have no right being in
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Chad Notruth

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Wait. I mean, it's not gay if you murder them first. 
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Chad Notruth

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Woke up remembering it's payday today. 
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Chad Notruth

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Mustangs are like tampons, every pussy needs one
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Chad Notruth

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It likes the insensitive humor or it gets the hose again. 
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Chad Notruth

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I just noticed the Pico Rivera indoor swapmeet closed down. I wonder why... 
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Chad Notruth

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Chad Notruth

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Oh look! An original Fender Blackface! 
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