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Post has attachment - "Big Think has partnered with PwC to bring you big ideas on the future of women in leadership. Register here for a live webcast presented by PwC on February 27th with Claire Shipman and "The Confidence Code" co-author Katty Kay."

Hi everyone! as discussed during the "women in leadership" meeting in San Fransisco in January, this community will function to share experiences and post ideas/advice on how to deal with specific situations. Hang outs can be planned. Your input on how to improve this community is very welcome!

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I am confused, article goes in a couple of different directions.. Which is not a bad thing.. Just had a difficulty following the train of thought and arguments. Having said that I am mainly confused why I should greet someone because he or she is white, like me. There is soooo much wrong with that statement. And saying its not a race thing...sorry it does sound like a race thing to me. If I choose not to engage with a random american who for some reason needs attention from me because he or She feels a connection due to the tone of my skin, it's not because I feel better than that person..its because I don't know you. Agree with the photo with children and 'poor people' statement in the blog though.
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