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Great stock. Average prices (i shopped around, they're all about the same, must be like 5% above cost everywhere). There's only 2 employees. Owner and a guy. Well, that's what the guy told me. Owner put me off a bit, but I couldn't put my finger on why. I think he reminded me of an actor that plays slimy criminals or something. They had a paperwork fee that was a bit out of the norm. Some few to several hundred dollars... can't remember the exact amount. Pretty ridiculous. Between his processing fee and title it was $700 before tax. Add tax of about 300+ on an average cargo trailer and that document fee starts to feel pretty heavy. Its a scam. Car dealers do it too. Why not charge me your lot rent and electricity? Its a cost of doing business. Cut it out. Put it in your price. Pretend you're honest.
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Nce little dealership. Nice sales people. Really low pressure. Let me test drive on my own. Couldn't decide so they did the old "overnight" ploy. But no pressure. Good trade in value. Very quick transaction. Their first price was right in the "true car" estimate so I didn't argue. I'm not a big haggler. but I had figured the price Id accept before I left the house and their offer was almost to the penny what my calculator had projected. Was in and out in about an hour... Once I decided. They use the"quad chart " sheets to put their numbers on.... A hallmark of schill dealing, but price is price and it wasn't horrible. They didn't try to confound me with tricks (,or they did it well) They have a $300 document charge. High, but not as high as some. They wouldn't accept a military I'd as proof of military status for a discount. Wanted an Les or dd214. Never heard of that before. Id cards are seized on discharge. Les can be faked or not prove anything current. Don't know if it's their ignorance or FCA demanding it. But as a military retiree car salesman, I know it's silly and just spreading my pii around all that much more. All I have to see is an id to call it military at my dealership. Zero parking. I stopped in 3 times and parked in an aisle each time. Seriously there are 4 spots. No street parking. HAVE TO DROP A STAR (only one since the below are stupid and unforgivably evil but avoidable if you bring your own bank) - their relationship with "bank of Glen burnie". Crap bank with crap rates in a crap zip code. Wtf! Ever hear of chase, boa, or any other NOT rinky dink bank of Glen burnie garbage crap? Read the Glen burnie bank reviews around he web. Hilariously horrible. -Their Equifax credit numbers didn't match Equifax when I pulled it up from Equifax directly and simultaneously. 60 point difference. Don't know why. Marketing ploy by dealer? Fraud? Way to bump rates and get better kickbacks? No clue but it wasn't right. But dealers with a separate finance guy always use him for all the evil profit. I don't care much ... Transfered the loan to my bank before Glen burnie ever heard of it. Have to wait for it to process but it's already out of Glen burnie`s hands for all intents.. curious as to why their credit scores didn't match. Probably some service they use that sucks but gives kickbacks. -And they offered me an AFTERMARKET WARRANTY AT A NEW CAR DEALER!! SHAME!! EVIL PROFIT TOOL! NEVER EVER buy an aftermarket warranty. Never ever ever ever. It's an idiot move pushed by evil men. They try to sell them because they get them for pennies and sell for thousands. When I complained , all of a sudden the Mopar warranty popped up. Wow, the real thing. Same price. But poor finance guy cant buy his new Mercedes today. Extended warranties are generally at best a break even proposition. But if you're going to buy one, It MUST be from the MANUFACTURER. Never ever ever ZURICH or any other rip off company. Ive transferred them when buying used cars that had them in the past. not worth the $10 registration fee. Shame shame on you Mr Adams for bumping your customers with junk product. How can you sleep at night Mr Finance guy. Probably well in his bed lined with money gleaned from warranty kickbacks. I'll sell a warranty, but not by anyone other than the manufacturer. Someone with some skin in the game. Their name is on the dealership, car and service plan. Also, they ran a credit check through Equifax. What they handed me was wrong. I don't know if they put in the social security numbers wrong or something.. but they were 100 points off. That's according to Equifax not my imagination. They had a paper that said "equifax credit score, 740"so I just pulled up Equifax... 830. No explanation attempted. Acted like they expected it to be different and just tried to play it off. When dealing with Adams, BRING YOUR OWN FINANCE. They're CROOKED (all the dealers are) in the finance office. You don't want Glen Burnie bank anyway. They are JUNK.
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Loud. With decent food. I am a bit of a burger snob and though my standards have been lowered dramatically living in the DC / Maryland area, I try not to give slack . These burgers are average for the local burger chains/joints. Similar to bgr, cheeburger , Grumpy's etc. A properly cooked decently frozen patty from Costco comes out about as nice. Decent topping options. Good blt. Fries are ok, another place that thinks you can throw raw potatoes straight from the slicer into the frier like 5 guys. So they come out limp and soggy. But its becoming the standard among hip diners. Food is served on quarter sheet pans. A cheap and neat idea. I may introduce it to my home casual dining. Not a soft surface in the place. It's like dining in a working garage. TVs replace power tool noise. Incredibly loud. A few people talking can create a huge din, causing others to talk louder, causing more din... And round it goes. Staff seems to be entirely mad up of teens or just above. Polite enough, but you know, teens. Parking is small but ample enough. Hopefully it's more than just a bar with burgers attached and will continue to develop;but coming from the loins of green turtle, I expect it will slide downhill and end up like that place. A bar that will microwave up junk for those drunk enough not to notice the quality. We'll see
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usually a friendly staff... if not a little lazy. Restaurant is falling down. Its disintegrating in front of you. Sit by the windows when its raining and you''ll get wet. Water runs down the inside of the windows then out through the holes in the floor. The soda machines are gross, when they're working. Everything is kept "clean" but its so old and run down you can't tell. The clientele can be iffy as well. Its right in the "bad part" of town and is frequented by the local ... I don't even know what drugs they're on. But they're incoherent, and loud. I'm a big guy and I've gotten to the point of calling 9-1 and waiting for the second 1. What do you do when a tweaker comes to the table to apologize for their friends transgressions ... trying to keep you from calling the cops. I thought I was about to witness a robbery once. Other times, its drunk teenagers giggling in the corner. Barking obscenities like they might in a high school assembly.. but dude.. you and I are the only ones here. I know it was you. Do you really want me coming over there? So, the town isn't ALL that bad by Maryland standards, but Taco Bell is notorious for being the place to go when wasted, and this one is particularly tolerant of it. I don't think i've ever seen a "management type" in there.
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Apparently endemic to Qdoba just like it's parent company,. Nice menu and atmosphere, but sloppy and sometimes questionable sanitation practices. Soda machine robot touch screen was filthy. No gloves on employees. Going from register to food handling. Better than chipotle in every respect. But still fast food run by kids that don't know or care about proper food handling. Not likely to end up in illness, but it grosses people out since it's all on display
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Got my 3rd or 4th vehicle tinted there a few days ago. Quick and easy. Place is kind of physically run down, Its an old building that isn't going to get spruced up till it falls down. The "kids" that work there are quick and professional. Cheap and ... I haven't owned any car for a decade after getting tint done there, but I've never had any problems. They squeegee the ever living crap out of the windows. Don't think i've ever noticed ANY bubbles or anything even when its freshly done. Probably be able to roll them down almost immediately.. but why push it. Great location, I mean, its easy to get to. If you're getting a big job done, walk across the street to the strip mall or sit in T&T diner and drink coffee. Otherwise, they're super quick. 2 windows will take... not even a half hour for me. I don't know what other brands they use, but I got johnson renegade on mine. A reputable tint manufacturer. They offer a few varieties, different types might be different brands. Polite and fast. Ive always managed to get a walk in, but they do make appointments and others were getting turned away on walk ins while I was there. A little tip for the guys at BTG... Clean the area where your glass cleaner runs down the door. No huge deal, but it would also be no big deal at all just to wipe off the door before it dries streaks on there. Maybe you normally do and just forgot on mine. We're cool.
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friendly fast staff. facility is kinda gross. Sticky tables.. and why is there always syrup on the ketchup packs??? The soda machines are deteriorating. Floor can be sticky. Tables are wiped down with what is that? Mop bucket water ? Its gross. Bathrooms are a slight step above busy truck stop. And I mean, those off name truck stops. Not a super clean Flying J or something. The staff makes it bearable. If it had an unfriendly staff.. it would be unacceptable
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