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Jason Le
no milk, no meat, no masters. thug life all the way.
no milk, no meat, no masters. thug life all the way.

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google+ for the lulz

I just want someone who will lounge around and sing She & Him songs with me.

now that the grammar nazis of the internet have officially beaten the dead horse that is the attempt at educating and reforming the incorrect use of your/you're, they should give a workshop called "Commas 101: What they do and when to use them"

who cares what site is ~copying~ whatever site, they're all social networking services that you should probably be spending less time on anyways

if there's one sentence i never want to hear ever again in my life, it has to be "I'll always be here for you"

i need to spend less time complaining and more time creating

all work and no play makes Jason that much closer to moving back to the OC

lately i've been going to bed before midnight and waking up at around 8-9am. when the hell did i become responsible?

not knowing what to eat makes me not want to eat
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