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Pantheon, Rom - Panorama (unbearbeitet/ohne Filter)
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IPhone 5c...Filter: Snapseed (Drama 50%, HDR 15%)
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Guter Schnitt.
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iPhone 5c - Landschaftsansichten...
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Yesterday my used but new bought ThinkPad X220t arrived. I upgraded it with RAM and a Crucial SSD, installed Win 8 and now everything works fine.

It´s a long time ago, that I was using a Thinkpad Tablet. Inbetween I used so much different devices, also a Mac. But there was a wish inside me, to do much more with my deviice. I also thought about buying a ThinkPad Yoga, but don´t have so much money momentary. So I could get one X220t in good condition for 500 bugs - of cours with multitouch for Win 8 - and am very happy with my decision. :-)
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Stephanie Hoffmann

Bugs, problems..  - 
I updated on many devices here at home and everything works fine, but my Lenovo Y500 with SLI grafic. This seems not to be supported anymore, only one card.

So I have to recover the entire system today to 8.0. C'mon Lenovo, my device is a gaming machine and only four months old.....!
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Stephanie Hoffmann

News and Rumors  - 
Windows 8.1 Update available now in germany :-)
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+Carl Brandt same here
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After get rid of my #iPhone4s , I first wanted to purchase the Xperia Z, but than there where the reduction on price for the #Nexus4. I think its a good interims solution for me with the 8GB variant for maybe the next half year....
UPS told me, that it will arrive today. So I am curious about it - after nearly 2 years of using iOS.... :-)
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I already now all three main systems, like them all for themselves. My first Android phone was a HTC Hero, followed by the Milestone, than the last a Galaxy S, first tablet was an Archos 5, last one the Nexus 7 (2012). I liked them all, also my Surface RT, that's now my tablet device....
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Colosseum, Rom - iPhone 6s Panorama (unbearbeitet/ohne Filter)
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Gerade habe ich ein Foto wiedergefunden. Es wurde vor zwei Jahren aufgenommen: Landschaft Halbpanorama mit dem iPhone 4s
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Morgenspaziergang- iPhone 5c
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I bought a Freedom Case from Kickstarter Project for my Surface Pro a long time ago.
It arrives a week ago. But I already sold my device so don't need it anymore.
If someone is interested in it...location is: germany
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nice smart case +Stephanie Hoffmann 
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Walking in #landscape with the dog and my new #Nexus4 :-)
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I got the 8 GB version, I will see, if it it´s enough... :-)
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