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Angela Hobbs
Treasured Scraps and Richmond Treasures
Treasured Scraps and Richmond Treasures

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Great service, and it's free!

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I have a new website and shop address.

I will also add just a few items to my Etsy shop,
mainly for exposure, but if you feel more comfy making
your transactions from Etsy, all you have to do is PM me
either at Etsy, or my store, and I will load the item for you to
purchase from Etsy, instead.

Please disregard any previous address posted, as
i can not find how to change or edit the post.

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The Roentgens' Berlin Secretary Cabinet
This is the Secretary Cabinet of my dreams: it is absolutely unique and amazing and it is 200 years old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Georges Melies -- The Era of Magic Cinema-12 great silent movies between 1896 and 1899

From his first films the following magic shorts:

Escamotage d'une dame chez Robert-Houdin / Vanishing of a lady at Robert-Houdin(1896)
Le Cauchemar / The Nightmare (1896)
Une nuit terrible / A terrible night (1896)
Entre Calais et Dover / Between Calais and Dover (1896)
Les derniers cartouches / The last gun shots (1897)
Les aventures de William Tell / The adventures of Wiliam Tell (1898)
Un Homme de têtes / A heads man (1898)
Le Magicien / The Magician (1898)
Visite sousmarine de Maine / Underwater tour of Maine (1898)
L'Illusionniste Fin-de-Siecle / The illusionist (1899)
Le Chevalier Mystère / The mistery knight (1899)
Le danse du feu / The fire dance (1899)

#silentmovies #vintage #victorian #edwardian #blackandwhite #magic  

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I am sorry for any confusion, as I did post a similar post recently, but due to much trouble with the platform I was trying out, I have dumped the first, and have attached a better software directly to my website, so no exterior address of redirects anymore...
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