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Born out of need folks used to make their own instruments when they couldn't afford them, here are a couple of my first Cigar Box (Style) Guitars CB(S)G built to help keep that tradition alive.
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Those are fantastic! I dream of doing the same some day.. Cigar box guitars are fantastic devices!

Any advice on a starting place? 
"But does it blend?"- not sure what your asking...happy to answer questions if you help me understand the question better
http://www.cigarboxnation.com is a great place to start looking at plans and parts. If I learned one thing it is that the longer the neck is the more prone to bending under string tension, keep the neck short and the bridge toward the back end of the guitar and it will help, alternatively use a really hard wood like blood wood and keep it on the thick side.
Sory. I was making a dumb Internet joke. "Does it blend" is basically a parody of stupid questions people ask about Internet products. It means exactly what it sounds like it means.
Pretty cool, btw. How do they sound/how did you tune them?
The thin one sounds really good and sustain and intonation go forever and are right on the mark. The thicker one gave me some real problems because I made the neck so long the bridge ended up too far forward so there is too little sound board to ring well acoustically, it sounds fine through the pickup but otherwise is has a thin sound. Both were tuned Gdb.
+Seby iuga I finally get it! Admittedly it took my 16 year old explaining it to me...I love those videos...
+Kelly Devine thanks for sharing! I love Adafruit!!! I just ordered a bunch of parts from Adafruit for an ongoing project that follows this theme. I want to wind my own guitar pickups and will use my Beaglebone Black as the core of the machine (and I am going to wrap the entire thing in a steampunk case)...happy to share as I get closer!
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