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Pro Tip - if you want me to follow you on G+, erm... don't share fckn 'beauty tips' posts, or posts in German directly with me...sigh... And how come peeps that I ain't following can pollute my notifications with direct shares anyway? Kinda defeats the purpose no? meh
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I agree. Any post I see in a foreign language, I zap them from my circles.
It must be your long locks in your profile pic's. I don't get any beauty tips.. LOL (but then again, I don't have long hair anymore)
That's the thing +Mike Nava - I wasn't following either of the folks that shared posts directly with me. I didn't know that was actually possible. It's like circumventing the system of one not seeing crap from folks ya don't follow.

+Kenneth Manesse Sr. - lol...
I didn't know you could do that do I think it must be you can share with people in your circles. Does it appear in your timeline too? or just notifications
It was just in my notifications from what I can tell. So, I guess it's a work-around for those pimping their shit. I doubled checked and certainly I wasn't following either of them.
I know they can utilizing the +YourName Mention.   Do you just not know them?   Or where they muted?
Again, see the screens I posted. I can't mute someone I don't know. But apparently, they can indeed get into my notifiications by 'directly sharing' shit with me. Kinda defeats the point of me not following them
that is weird. I thought they did not see it if you are not following them.

The problem I have for example is let say I have a circle that I call photography and I then want to share an image with that circle. If the people in that circle don't follow me they won't see it. It is hard to create a circle for people who follow you because it is hard to know what to share with them if you don't know why they followed you in first place.

hope all that makes sense
And the direct share spam continues...weeeeeeeeeeee....sigh. Again Kevin, this isn't showing up in my time-line (just got another) it is showing up in my notifications (top right) as a post directly shared with me.... kinda how they're working around it (fact that I don't follow them)
Time-Line?  I'm sure that's a FB type of name for G+'s Stream!  :P  
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