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meh... brain dead here and have to write a post. Sigh. Anyone have any good ideas or maybe something geeky they'd like to know more about from the IR side o shizzle? Drawing a bit of a blank here.
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Been hearing about a possible google update over the weekend. Like to know more about that....
good lord, another? Might be part of the ongoing carnage that started some 10 days ago I'd imagine. Not often we see major ones that close together, often tends to be propagation.

That being said, not sure what exactly I'd write since we don't know a whole lot about it. Hmmmm... then again, that's always something to write about, what we don't know and what we do. Hmmmmm.
Pinterest, instagram, panda, google+. You know, the same shit that gets regurgitated by marketers every day. Oh, and content/inbound marketing. Don't forget that. Throw out 10 epic linkbuilding tips too.
Dammit Matt, you forgot 'SEO secrets' a must on any list of crap that's thrown out there each day. I see you're empathising with my prob here lol.

Thanks Robert, dang it all if things ain't just topsy turvy of late. Kinda like the days of Panda, just this one ain't gotta a name.
Some are saying its the “over-optimization penalty,” aka the google OOPS penalty lol
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