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David Harry

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It's like I saw this coming or something ROFL
Well, it was bound to happen and I even wrote about them thinking they were "different" at the time of the whole MyBlogGuest fiasco. Folks... do NOT poke the bear. Ok? Duh
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NEVER poke the bear!
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David Harry

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Google’s Matt Cutts somewhat confirmed on Twitter that Google has taken action on another guest blogging network. This network is named PostJoint and claims “there’s no footprints.” Someone tweeted to Matt that PostJoint was penalized. In fact, if you check out Google for a search on their name, their web site no longer ranks on […]
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Works fer me brother.... haven't written much since I started doing HOAs... Damned lazy at my old age. They're far easier than typing
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David Harry

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Some good stuff from the show ... (clip from the Regs)
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David Harry

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SEO Dojo G+ Community Changes

Ok folks, I spent the last few hours cleaning out the membership, more in-line with what we have with our Facebook group and even the Dojo itself (and chat room) lately. 

In sort, we're scaling back on membership; quality over quantity. 

I've taken it down by 50% and have restricted access to the community, instead of having an open door policy. I have kept those I felt were relevant, active and those I know personally as well as Dojo members.

If you survived the cull, congrats... lol. You are indeed special.

As far as new members, if you'd like to nominate someone, do get in touch with us. Those that apply that aren't sponsored by an existing member, we'll be fairly stringent with application processing. 

Anyway, the goal is to have a tighter group of search geeks that will benefit each other moving forward.

--- Dave
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David Harry

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'Ranking Factors"

Some people have forgotten more potential signals/scoring elements with Google than many have ever even considered, (looking at Bill Slawski ). You all know those posts (and infographics hee hee), where some genius (or group of 'experts') proclaims to the world about the XXX ranking factors that Google uses.

1. They should really be named something like "What a bunch of SEOs think ranking factors are". Because really... little of it is actually from an IR perspective and it's certainly not how Google is doing things.

2. Each potential ranking factor is made up of a myriad of signals, thresholds, weights and more. Stating any kind of # just makes you look like an idiot.

3. We know fuck all. While we can certainly look at some potential methods that might be employed, we truly don't know. Because of this, we can never truly isolate that which we don't know. Which of course in turn, means that all testing is anecdotal. Deal with it.

4. Put in the time. Some folks have been at least getting a cursory understanding of IR/computer science for many many years. If you haven't? You're probably not the person to take a stab at stating what Google's "ranking factors" are. (that one's 4 Bill!!)

Anyway.... you get the point. This started after a few convos with Bill lately and his reply on a G+ post yesterday (

Then this morning I was updating content on the Dojo and came across an old post I'd written back in 09 ( ) and remembered about things like;

Topic Sensitive PageRank
Modular PageRank

Which are a few ways that Google might also use PageRank. Does anyone that's doing these kind of ranking factors posts (or those reading them) and 'testing' even know what those are? And it's such a small area comparatively to the larger puzzle. 

Coming across them reminded me that I've even forgotten things I've written about or keep at the front of my mind's eye when approaching SEO each day. 

Anyhooo... just rambling on a Saturday. As you were.... 
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David Harry

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Want to talk some search?

Right then... all done company work for the day. A few members from the +SEO Training Dojo were expressing an interest in talking shit/shop today as we used to do with the Friday SEO chats. 

If you're interested, let me know. It will be a private Hangout ie; not on air. If enough folks are up for it, I shall start it up shortly. They only seat 10, so let me know asap.

If not? Have a great weekend.
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David Harry

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This guy has been pranking random strangers for years. His funniest moments are so evil but so darn funny.
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David Harry

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Google Patent Awards for a Friday

Recommending media programs based on media program popularity

Gathering and Organizing Content Distributed via Social Media

Social Gathering-based group sharing

Managing Social Network Relationships Between A Commercial Entity and One or More Users

Ranking Social Network Objects

System and Method for Personalizing Query Suggestions Based on User Interest Profile

Incentivizing Purchases at Physical Retailers

System and method for offering and fulfilling situation-based, location specific rewards and offers to mobile-oriented consumers

Labelling visited locations based on contact information
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David Harry

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Anyone wants to talk some shit/shop - SEO stuff.. we're in a private hangout, let me know and U might be able to join us
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