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20% Project Blog Reflection 6--What lingering questions do you have about your topic?
            I have not yet run into any lingering questions on my topic as I
feel I have addressed most of them. I believe my biggest wonder is whether or
not social media will be used in a classroom on a more everyday basis in the
coming years. I believe s...

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Reflection #6--Augmented Reality
            Described by Augmented
Reality in Education, Augmented
Reality is the "the fusion of digital information with either live
streaming video or the viewer's real environment" and is a medium in which
live video is used with supplementary sounds and...

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20% Project Blog Reflection 5--How does your project relate with topics addressed in EDIT2000?
        My 20% project,
which focuses on social media in educational learning, is slowly becoming
addressed in EDIT 2000. Our most recent project has specifically shined a light
on YouTube, a social media account that I am looking at for my 20% project. We

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Reflection #7--MOOCs
I have not taken a MOOC but last summer I took my very first
online class. While many of my other classes incorporate the internet, this
course was my very first where it was all virtual. I really enjoyed the set up
of the class, which was entitled Rhetoric...

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Creativity and Innovation Project Personal Reflection
        Creating and watching infomercials for this assignment was interesting
to me, as it gave a visual for the enhanced learning tools presented by my
classmates. Watching a tool in use was more beneficial than just listening to a
verbal presentation of ...

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Reflection #5--Gaming in Education
         When I was younger and had computer time, I could be found
playing a game called Jump Start Typing. It incorporated different games that
were aimed at helping you learn to excel at typing. I really enjoyed the
competitive nature of the game and tru...

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20% Project Blog Reflection #4--Have you talked with any experts or anyone from your potential audience?
             Things are good
with my 20% project, and I am enjoying the research process to find out how
social media can be found and used efficiently in education. I am very pleased
with my selection of this topic, as I believe this is definitely a growin...

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20% Project Blog Reflection 3--How are you using social media to find resources to think about/write about?
       Since the topic for my 20% project is social media I am
definitely using this medium to search! In particular, I have searched Twitter
to find resources and accounts that teachers could "follow" and learn
different techniques, methods, and projects. ...

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Reflection #4--Visual Learning
     To quote from the article entitled "Life on the
Screen", 21st century teaching and learning seeks to " understand a new language
of expression" and to understand  "the importance of graphics, music, and cinema, which are
just as powerful and in some wa...

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Classroom Design for Collaboration
After much deliberation, I decided on the following design for my classroom, which I believe will foster communication and provide a prosperous learning environment for students.            To begin at the middle of the classroom, assuming there were 20 chi...
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