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Felipe Brito
VP, Global Accounts at Ci&T
VP, Global Accounts at Ci&T


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Today's Chief Digital Officer, armed with multichannel data, can fight against long held company myths about their customers' needs, wants and motivations. Having access to the insights from this data, will allow the CDO to rally everyone at the organization to approach business decisions with the question "How will this affect the customer?" Therefore, the CDO should lead the change in defining the customer-experience journey by mapping user data, and take ownership of implementing a custom solution to constantly learn from their customers and evolve how the business serves their needs.

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In his recent article for +CIO  "How 'Digital Masters' drive transformation from the top down, George Westerman makes a great point - leadership, not technology, drives transformation. In particular, Digital IT Leaders have the unique advantage to master technology leadership. Companies such as Capital One realize that and their Digital IT Leaders are not only transforming themselves but also their own teams to operate in the digital world. When IT is involved as the Digital Leader, it makes it impossible for other teams to work around them.

Regardless of who will be the Digital leader - CMO, CDO, CIO - without senior management selling the right vision, mid-management creating the environment to transform the business, IT contributing as a digital team, and governance from the entire organization to roll out the initiative, the chances of success are slim."

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U-hu!!!! We are truly honored, it took us a lot of hard work but it was well worth it.

Google Cloud Partner of the Year

Thank you Google for Work!


With +Bruno Guicardi​​​, +Felipe Brito​​​ +Lucas Persona​​​

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Great day here in Tampa!
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+Acquia and +CI&T United States are hosting a webinar titled "Digital Transformation Strategies for Enterprises: Successful Stories & How to Make It Happen." Join +David Aponovich, Sr. Director, Digital Experience, Acquia; +Felipe Brito, Business Director, CI&T; and +Felipe Rubim, Head of Operations & Technology, CI&T on December 3 at 11am EST to learn how large enterprises and brands are delivering scalable, agile, innovation in a digital-dominant world.

Sign up here now:

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This week, CI&T's Business Director +Felipe Brito joined fellow members of the Nearshore Executive Alliance to discuss highlights of our joint whitepaper titled Leveraging the Benefits of Nearshore for Agile and Lean. 

Did you know that Nearshore can translate cultural affinity and creativity into a problem solving mentality; similar time zone into visibility; and responsiveness and geographical proximity into cost reduction and better time-to-market. All using Agile and Lean!  

To listen to the webinar, click here:
To read our whitepaper, click here:

Contact us to find out how CI&T can help you reap these benefits!

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I had the pleasure of presenting at the Lean into Agile conference last Friday in Columbus, OH. We were invited to talk about CI&T's journey using Lean to help Agile to scale.

Hi +Mike Orzen it was great to speak with you after the presentation. As discussed, here is the deck.

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A Validated Path to Digital Excellence in Organizations

Organizations who strive to compete in today's digital marketplace need to embrace agile practices to address modern challenges. Having worked inside a lean-agile company, I believe there are simple best practices to winning in the digital age. They are:

Talent & Collaboration

As Tori Burch says, "Culture is everything. If you have happy people, they do their best work. It's pretty simple." So how do we make sure we have happy employees?

Invest precious time developing people by offering a transparent and genuine career plan. Your company's vision will be within reach if you have motivated and capable people on board.

Hire people that bring different values to your company and are willing to ask "why" to challenge complexity.

Understand individual aspirations and sync expectations through mentorship

Promote autonomy and internal motivation by instilling a problem-solving mindset

Create an environment that rewards camaraderie and teamwork, for organizational improvement, not just local optimums

Technical Mastery and Innovation

Be prepared to experiment constantly, learn fast and adapt quickly in an ever-evolving technology landscape.

Establish a methodology to promote learning and technical knowledge. A few ideas include training sessions, hackathons, communities of practice and dojos.

Cultivate an environment for cutting-edge technology adoption. Create opportunities for people to get closer to digital technologies, exercise creativity and initiate side projects

Recognize people that share and multiply knowledge - give them a chance to meet with executives to promote their next ideas.

Run “Open Innovation” initiatives by connecting with other companies and colleges. Tap into opportunities that go beyond your organization.

Encourage experimentation in search of the "next big thing." Experiments are at the core of improvement. Establish hypotheses, define the goals, ideate, prototype, test, validate the hypotheses, adapt and improve.

Unflappable Execution and Transformation

Implement a lean-agile machine that is customer-obsessed, adapting constantly but delivering flawlessly.

Have a solid set of values and principles, and guarantee organization alignment.

Cherish Lean thinking and the continuous improvement mindset - be obsessed by customer satisfaction, quality and productivity. Today is better than yesterday; tomorrow will be better than today.

Be knowledgeable about the work being done, removing blocks and setting ambitious goals.

Focus on user needs and business outcomes, not vanity metrics. Establish clear links from your digital initiatives to value outcomes and track them with actionable metrics.

Make a few bold moves, prioritize transformational initiatives in areas that anticipate large returns and represent sustainable differentiation in the medium and long term. Don't go all in, but don't also be deceived by pseudo low-hanging fruit.

Have a Safe Journey!

By implementing the tactics above you will set the stage for digital excellence within your organization. By cultivating people development, supporting technical mastery and fostering a responsible risk taking mindset, the organization will be learning frequently and also learning fast. Your company will be able to create valuable solutions and establish strong and everlasting relationships with its clients and consumers. Innovation will then emerge and the enterprise will have a great competitive advantage over others.

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