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Lance's Adventures in Dating - Part 3
   Anyone who has read the last two posts on this subject has,
by now, been able to determine the common link in all these horrific failures:
me.    Clearly, if I could remove myself from the whole dating
process, I think the whole thing would go much more ...

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Lance's Adventures in Dating -

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Just a little fun at my expense...

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Lance's Adventures in Dating - Part 1
   Ok, so I noticed some of my Facebook posts were getting a
little long. So I decided to just go with it and write some of them up into
blog form. This is one I already related, but I present it here again in
expanded form.    For those who don’t know me, ...

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A Storm Remembered
   There is a beautiful storm going on outside. The sun has given up the fight and the clouds have decreed darkness. While walking out to put the windows up in my car (because I don't learn), I was reminded of another storm long ago and a moment of pure mag...

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Just in case anybody was wondering how I spent the 24th...

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A Father’s Smile Give me a man who smiles when he fights, for this is the bravest of all. A man who can chuckle in full dark of night, undimmed when his back hits the wall. But what is this madness, this bloody-toothed grin? Such a man is surely insane! For...

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The Difference Between Mothers and Heroes
“I can imagine no greater heroism than motherhood.”                 -Musings
of the Historian    Let me take a moment and give a further interpretation of
that. I think I’d like to do that by giving three things that all heroes have
in common, and how mothe...

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A Political Lance
   You might expect from the title that I am going to launch into some tirade against the Democrats, the Republicans, gay marriage, abortion, or even Obama. I'm not going to do that, and for one simple reason:    I'm not an idiot.    There's enough of those...
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