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Post-Clip Photo Shoot
This weekend in New Jersey it was over 70 degrees on Sunday, so while I hadn't planned to clip my horse that day, it seemed like the only logical thing to do. What's that saying? Sun's out, clippers out? Tucker apparently found the day exhausting.   Ohhhhh....

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A Ride Worth Blogging About
I've been thinking about blogging, really, I have.  Especially when people say things like, "so, um, that really sad and depressing post about your birthday is still the latest thing on your blog."  At which point I feel the full shame of being melodramatic...

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A Tuesday with Tucker
So my birthday was yesterday.  Which turned what would have been an ordinary Tuesday (make the bed, feed the cats, sit in traffic, go to work, be annoyed by everything , sit in traffic, ride the horse, pour the wine) into a Tuesday that stuck me with the so...

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My Summer
I know, I've been away just about all summer.  Allow me to explain. I deliberately put competing and training (and sometimes even horses in general) on the back burner, for possibly the first time in my life.  I needed a pressure release valve, and that was...

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Tending My Own Acre
The radio silence around here is not because things are boring and uninteresting, or because I have things I can't blog about (although I do have some wonderful secrets these days!), or because I'm not riding.  Just the opposite, actually. I've been tending...

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Game Changer (or, Why Everybody Wants to Be Us)
There comes a time in everyone's life where an idea comes along that changes everything. Sometimes, that idea takes flight, and turns itself into a plan.  And then that plan gets legs, and becomes action. By way of background, for those of you who may be ne...

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A Good Weekend
Friday night I had a fantastic ride with Tucker.  There were lots of cavaletti and baby x's set up in the ring so I spent the whole ride trotting and cantering through those exercises.  He was focused and forward and seemed to be really enjoying himself.  H...

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Two Lists
Things that Made Me Happy this Week: 1.  I had great rides on Tucker.  He is soft and bendy again.  I need to work on getting him to go forward but that's a much easier task now that he's using himself correctly.  Soft and bendy and not hanging on my left r...

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Cottage Life So Far
So, this weekend I moved into the cottage.  It's adorable, and there are cows, and I'm finding that more and more friends are close driving distance away, which I hadn't even realized when I signed the lease.  I haven't met the downstairs neighbor yet, but ...

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In Which We Inject All Four Legs
So, I did end up having the vet come out yesterday morning.  The heat and swelling were gone from his fetlock completely thanks to icing and poulticing, but he still wasn't sound on hard ground.  Given that he's been not quite sound on hard ground for six w...
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