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Kombucha Tea
Kombucha is produced by fermenting tea using a "symbiotic 'colony' of bacteria and yeast" ( SCOBY ).  I know it has a sort of funny name, but Kombucha is an ancient drink
that can be traced back to Russian and Chinese roots.  It is a fermented
tea.The fer...

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HOMEMADE PLAY DOH  It is so simple mommas and the kiddos love to be big helpers when making it. So not only do you get awesome vibrant fresh play doh but you also get the bonding experience and the measuring lesson that comes along with it.  HERE IS HOW :} ...

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Homemade Powder Laundry Soap
  So I use to make this liquid laundry detergent and I liked it, but I didn't LOVE it. So now I make this powder version and I LOVE it :} It last about 4-6 months and is much easier to make. Plus the next few times you make it you will only have to buy the ...

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She Crab Soup
Ingredients 2 shallots, minced 2 ribs celery, minced 1 cup white wine 1 cup dry sherry 2 cups crab stock (or vegetable stock) 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce 1 ½ tsp Old Bay Seasoning 1 qt heavy cream 2 bay leaves  lump crab meat  cans of lump crab meat 10 oz. r...

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Kombucha Candy
I chopped up my SCOBY into bite sized pieces using a very sharp knife (they can be tough to cut so I used a pizza cutter!)  Then I mixed the kombucha pieces with some sugar and frozen blueberries  Next, I put the kombucha scoby pieces, blueberries and sugar...

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GUACAMOLE ~ Chipolte copy cat
  SO I never was a fan of guacamole growing up and I think it had a lot to do with not ever really knowing what was in it lol But now as an adult I began my love for avocados and wanted to make all things that included avocado so of course I had to try my h...

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Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole
    This has become a favorite at the Pennewell house! We love all things cheesy! This is similar to a frozen prepared meal from the frozen food section at the grocery store but this is WAY better! This recipe can be made a head of time then just thrown in ...

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Shrimp Scampi (cheesecake factory)
 So let me just say this shrimp scampi is amazing!!! I personally have never had it from Cheesecake factory, or any other restaurant for that matter so I cant say weather it compares. BUT I can say it is sooooo good I cant imagine Cheesecake factories to be...

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Paxtons Nursery Tiki Hut / Surfer Dude

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My Unassisted Home Birth {freebirth} of Paxton
Oh where to begin..... Well it all started when Justin and I
decided to try for baby Pennewell number 2! We couldn't wait to expand
our family but needed to wait a little longer than we hoped due to
changing insurance policies. So when we could finally b...
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