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Real vampyre support website
Real vampyre support website

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For Sanguinarians ONLY. (Poll regarding Feeding via animals.)

Donor & Vampyre Appreciation Days! (Oct. 1st/5th) Be sure to show your appreciation for those that mean so much to us!

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Be sure to check out the latest, "project," Archives -- a "public library" of sorts, only instead of serving your typical books and media, the content will be focused on vampyrism.
Already many works have been added to the Archives, from small pieces such as "How I Started NOVA" by Belfazaar Ashantison on the beginnings of NOVA (New Orleans Vampire Alliance), to "The Vampiric Ethos" by various Community members, focused on laying down some, "...ethical, educational, and safety...," guidelines.

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Have you always wanted a search engine designed specifically for the Online Vampyre Community, and not just for "this, that, or the other" site? Well, want no longer, as I have just finished making a search engine that achieves just that -- it indexes only the sites known to be part of the OVC (note: both good and bad), and even includes filters!

What these "filters" mean for you is, if you're looking for "Covens/Houses," just click on that tab to filter out all the other stuff. Only looking for "good sites"? Just filter those through. Or maybe you're looking for news "Around the Community"? Well, there's a search for that, too.

Where can you find this? Right here:

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This is an awesome, awesome interview with Drake Mefestta Real Life Vampire - Drake Mefestta - WGN TV News Chicago

Woo-hoo! Now that I've moved, I have a different IP Address, and with it full access to the site. (Knew being patient would pay off, especially with how tech support was with the whole situation.)

For those who haven't heard, I had limited access to the site after the people hosting my site over-reacted to something. They thought a few files broke the Terms of Service, when, in fact, they were actually fine. Problem is, the file types are often used to do things that break the agreement, so when they saw the types they banned me from accessing my own site. Heh. I knew I was moving soon though, so I didn't make a huge deal out of it.

Expect updates again!

Ah, just set up our Google+ account. :) Help spread the love by Sharing this page, and +1'ing any content that you like!
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