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Rahul Patil
Cloud and Mobile developer working at Rapid Circle
Cloud and Mobile developer working at Rapid Circle

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Hi +Zoltan Demant​. Good to catch-up after really longggg..

I did not connect my app to Google Fit when I formatted my phone (14th September). Today I realized my workouts are not synced with Google Fit. I connected the app to Google Fit and it started syncing. The sync status was complete (just synced) however, I couldn't see the logs on Google fit portal.

What could be the issue?

Beta tester on Nexus6P (Nougat)

Not sure if this has been reported earlier. The Direct Messages are not sorted by date. Ideally they should be.

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Nexus 6P + Macro lens.. Experiment :-)

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No filters, 6P camera.

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HDR+, no filters

Finally. I've got the perfect app for tracking my workout. Thanks a ton. Already purchased all the features

Running this theme on Cm13.. when I am using circular battery icon (with text inside it) and battery is low, below 15%. The text is not very clear. I can not share screenshot right now but will do once my battery reaches below 15.. :-)

New bug in latest update. If I long press any gallery title, basically to select all images and click on vault icon on action bar, app freezes..

One suggestion - while setting up vault lock code, if would be better if we ask user to enter pass code twice.. Just to confirm!

Photos are managed quite well in Focus, but can we also manage videos folder wise in Focus? That would be a great addition..

Right now, all my videos are under tag "Videos". Every video from Whatsapp, Telegram and other locations is curated under "Videos" along with my personal videos.

 What say +Francisco Franco 

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Always has been fan of your work. Here goes the purchase :-)
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