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I rarely have a good experience paying people to fix things for me, so I usually do it myself. However, +Overhead Door Company of Indianapolis   did a great job today. They were fast, friendly, affordable and most important they did it right the first time. I wholeheartedly recommend them if you have issues with your garage door!

The USPS is yet another government service that needs to be eliminated. My package has been in Indy since Friday and it won't be delivered until Wednesday at the earliest. I guess I'll just be early for Mary's birthday next year...  #USPSFail

Fed Ex Express and Fed Ex Ground drivers are some of the best out there but Fed Ex Home driver has yet to make a delivery to me that didn't require me calling in to complain. They even lie and say the business is closed when I've been there ALL day! #FedEx #Fail

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My BIL and his wife fully restored this house. It is the best of both worlds; new roof, siding, wiring, plumbing and much more with the features of an older home (REAL hardwood floors, a pocket door to separate the dining room and living room, and a grand staircase). ‪#‎GreatPriceToBoot‬

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If you're either too lazy or too stupid to properly clear your car don't drive in the snow!

The wife took her car in to have the brakes bled. They broke the bleed screw and tried to charge us for it as well as the labor to repair it. Now we need to bleed the brakes and replace the part. #Carxsucks

I ended up watching BSG on my phone last night because AT&T is throttling our home internet connection. #bigandroidscreenforthewin   #ATTsucks  

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Well said.

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Finger Print is gonna be a real problem for #iPhone5s
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